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Whole Body Healing

Fundamentally different approach to HEALTHCARE.

Our integrated approach to health and wellness allows us to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms and promote WHOLE body healing, rather than just treating your symptoms. We are here to assist in your total transformation to a healthy lifestyle, allowing you to live your best life!
Dr. Connie Jeon, DPT, MPH, IFMCP, RD/LD

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Registered Dietitian

Take Responsibility for Your Health!

We must be our own advocate in creating our health.

Let Us Teach You The Tools To Get Your Health Under Your Control!

Our Alkaline Method™

Balance is Key

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Brain Health

Everyone experiences stress on a regular basis, whether it be short-term or long-term. The truth is, stress can cause just as much inflammation in the body as toxins and pollution. Stress is known as a depleting emotion because of its ability to break us down and cause both physiological and psychological symptoms in the body. We teach patients to recognize depleting emotions and effectively turn them into renewing emotions, resulting in stress reduction and mindfulness.

Alkaline Detox Programs

Gut Health

Our bodies are metabolic engines that require proper fuel through food to run efficiently. Today, we consume a large amount of chemical compounds through packaged food that our bodies are not able to process. These chemical compounds further alter our genes over time, resulting in symptom manifestations. We provide simple solutions to teach you how to eat in order to super charge your body and heal for optimal energy and performance.

Dr. Connie works with a physical therapy patient using the trap table.

Physical Health

As aging occurs, our bodies need to continue to move in order to keep our muscles strong and our joints smooth. In order to be successful, structural alignment, stability, flexibility, and balance must be mastered. We assist you in obtaining mastery of your body by creating awareness of your posture, symmetry, and core stability. Our functional movement programs are designed so that you can move pain free.

We Specialize in Functional Medicine 

Welcome to Alkaline Wellness!

Here at Alkaline Wellness, we focus on you and your health, not just your disease. By addressing you as a WHOLE being, and not separating you into various body systems, we help you thrive in everything that you do.

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Speaker: Connie Jeon, DPT, MPH ,RD/LD

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Therapeutic Methods

Certified Pilates Teacher

Connie Jeon DPT, MPH, RD/LD

Dr. Connie lived with Lupus for the last 19 years. Through her health struggles, she's learned that "HEALTH" is ultimately her responsibility.   She realized that "conventional" medical approach was NOT set up to restore her health.  Using herself as the guinea pig, through trial and error, she's created a COMPREHENSIVE solution to not only reverse Lupus, but allow her to THRIVE despite any chronic illness.  She lives and walks the talk, and understands first hand the obstacles of health crisis and commits her career to empower as many people as possible to regain not only their health, but allow them to live the best life that they were meant to live.    

Dr. Connie holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a Masters in Public Health (Nutrition) from the renowned Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions. She is also a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in the State of Georgia. Additionally, Dr. Connie is a Functional Medicine Practitioner (Certification Pending 2017), a Registered RYT-200 Yoga Teacher & School (Yoga Alliance) and Certified Pilates Teacher (Pilates Method Alliance).

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Dr. Connie Jeon DPT, MPH, RD, RYT-E 200hr


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