3 Key Habits to ALKALIZE your body

"Most of us are bombarded and confused with contradictory health messages daily, so we created a clear roadmap that helps you to take action, change habits, be a healthy role model to your friends and family, and thrive."  

We Believe.....

Food is Medicine

Get Clear On What To Eat and start to enjoy food again.  We empower you to be in charge of what goes into your body by making cooking and eating fun again.  

Movement is Medicine

Regain control over your body by OWNING it.  Let us show you how you can move to improve function, metabolism, and get rid of pain.  We help you to protect your joints and prevent injury.  

Mindset is Medicine

Our mind is the most powerful tool that we can leverage to achieve anything in life.  Let us show you how to shift your mindset from ACID to ALKALINE.

Destination  Health

Discover the Powerful Alkaline Method ™ Framework To Transform Your Life!

Alkaline Difference

Live the Solution

Food As Medicine

Using Alkalizing FOOD as medicine means striving to create BALANCE in what we put into our bodies everyday.  

Alkaline Hot Yoga

Movement As Medicine

Movement is essential to health.  We lose what we don't use.  We show you how to improve strength, stability, balance, and flexibility for optimal function.

Mindset As Medicine

We are constantly distracted.  Because our brain is intimately connected to our gut, our nutritional status matters.  Improving our mental state will improve our general well being without the need for mind altering medications.

Improve your Symptoms

We provide you with a step by step roadmap to restore your gut health, physical health, and brain  health.  

The easy path leads to the hard life, but the hard path leads to the easy life.”   Rilke

access anywhere

We believe in continuity of care.  We've created an online Alkaline Health Membership to keep you on track no matter where you are in the world.  

Use it as an adjunct to in person services or if you're from out of town, it's the perfect Alkaline Solution for you.

Living Alkaline is a way of life.  

quality of care

Small, boutique class size, QUALITY instruction, tailored for your specific needs.

Our Alkaline Practitioners have additional ongoing training to ensure you receive the best care. 

Alkaline Method™ applied to your daily life.  

Let us show you the path to ultimate health and wellness so that your can focus on living your best life.

What Our Patients Say


After being confused about what to do to lose my weight, I tried the Alkaline Program and I am delighted.  Not only did I lose weight, but also have more energy and finally pain free!.

Carin J



I sought out Alkaline Program after a health crisis.  I was in pain, so tired all the time, and heaviest as I've been all my life.  After the program, I not only lost 20 lbs, but finally felt like myself again.  I had no pain, more energy, and Doctors took me off blood pressure, diabetic, and cholesterol meds.

Richard P


I went from Doctor to Doctor for years, knowing something was wrong.  Every time, I kept accumulating more supplements and medications and I wasn't any better.  I sought out various Functional Medical Doctors, and ended up just as confused as before the consult.   Dr. Connie helped me to make sense of how to actually use food as medicine, resolve my symptoms, and helped me to feel in control over my health.

Jeannie S

Dr. Connie Jeon

Health Crisis on a number of occasions in my life with a chronic condition taught me to take and active role in my health..   

From East to West, I've applied the healing methods on myself over the 19 years of living with Lupus.  

In order to be the most effective, we need to treat the body as a WHOLE, not in parts.  Our signature Alkaline  Method™ will help you achieve your health goals..

Our mission to help as many of people as possible to be EMPOWERed  to live the Alkaline Solution and not only survive, but THRIVE.

Trustworthy and Credible

I trust Dr. Connie Jeon wholeheartedly with all my patients.  She not only understands the underlying root cause of my patient's issues, but also is able to apply her knowledge to my patients to get them whole again.  

Carla Roberts, MD, PhD  

Board Certified, Obstetrics and Gynecology & Reproductive Endocrinology

Highest Integrity, Remarkable Practitioner

Dr. Connie's passion and knowledge is impressive.  She constantly strives for excellence in all that she does.  She is an exceptional clinician whom I trust my patients with.

Pamela Hyde, DO  

Board Certified, Obstetrics and Gynecology & Regenerative Anti-Aging Medicine

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Alkaline Method ™

We believe in efficient, effective, and comprehensive care.  We apply our signature Alkaline Method™ in all that we do.

3 Habits to Alkalize Your Body  

Live the Alkaline Solution.

This information is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We advise this information to be supplemental to your plan of treatment.

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