Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a great 4th of July.

Life is all about embracing change and progress, isn’t it? 

I believe my health is fully recovered, at least according to all the physicians that poked and prodded me.

But I still am getting over the confusion of my recent sickness.

My curiosity for “more” lead me to earning multiple degrees and certifications, but as I contemplate all that I learned, I realize nothing is black and white when it comes to human life, experience, and health.

I’ve always been a self help junkie from an early age. This lead me to explore all kinds of disciplines such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Yoga, Pilates, Feng Sui, Energy Medicine, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Quantum physics.

I love learning so I can juxtapose various ideas to better understand the concepts for application and clarity.  

All this to say that Alkaline Method is all about finding “balance”.

The 4 Human Dimensions

As many of you know I became obsessed with healing when I was diagnosed with Lupus. 

After 19 years of clinical experience I’ve come to realize that the most important ingredient is to understand that healing is an inside job.

There are 4 human dimensions. 

1. We have our Minds or our Psychology that shapes who we are and what we do.  It’s the perception of what is real for us and the mind is important because our lives are an exact projection of our thoughts.

2. We have a Heart and Emotions that shape what we do and create vibrations in our bodies to manifest a physiological and behavioral response.

3. Third is our physical body and its biochemical processes (physiology).  Our physical body is largely dependent on our heart/emotions that create certain vibrations in our bodies which then dictates our behavior.

4. Last is spirituality.  This is the connection to our higher power (God, or whatever that power may look like to you). It’s our need to know that there’s a greater purpose and meaning in our lives.

Such dimensions help us to understand how we work and live out our lives. There are disciplines in medicine to treat what gets out of balance.

How Does the Alkaline Method Work?

As a learned individual who’s treated thousands of patients, I realize the limitations in a system that largely creates dependency in our patients by having them seek answers “outside” of themselves.

I realized that no matter how smart and educated a person becomes, healing is an inside job that requires a partnership between the healer and the patient.  

Alkaline Method is all about empowering you to connect with your 4 dimensions to learn that you’re the ultimate healer for yourself.

Education does not teach us to master our mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Instead, it provides a clear curriculum of “dogmas” that we need to adapt and accept. 

I believe this takes us away from our true selves and creates a life of dependency.

Alkaline Method is all about creating balance within us and understanding that our 4 dimensions shift and change every single minute of every day.  

Alkaline Method provides three essential facets to healing:

  • Movement as Medicine
  • Mindfulness as Medicine
  • Food as Medicine

Movement as Medicine

Using the practice of Yoga and other movement techniques, we tune inward and learn how to mindfully take a seat in our bodies. 

We begin to master our body and movement through our breath.  

This is the first layer of the Alkaline Method.  A healthy body is required for healing other realms. 

All our teachers of Movement are Movement Specialists.  No matter what your choice of class may be, (Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Aerial, etc.) our instructors can help you to level up your practice and improve the way you move. This will affect the way you feel, and ultimately help you to master your own body.

Mindfulness as Medicine

When moving with our breath, we become better “observers” of our minds. We learn that our minds wander and have tendencies to create anxiety, worry, jealousy, and fear. 

As we become mindful, we learn to create peace within ourselves and realize that we ultimately have the power to create our own reality.  This realization is empowering and we begin to move toward self healing.

It is known that we have up to 60,000 thoughts per day.  It’s also important to note that our thoughts create feelings, so we must intentionally choose our thoughts carefully.

Thoughts create feelings and feelings create vibrations in our bodies that can uplift or cause unease. 

When we feel great, we tend to engage in behaviors that are good for us, and when we feel worried, fearful, or angry, then we tend to engage in self destructive behaviors to numb our feelings.

Alkaline Method aims to help you to shift always toward positive thoughts.

Food as Medicine

We need proper nourishment for our bodies to function.

Food provides energy and healing for the body.  But too often, we overindulge in foods that create serious imbalances so much so that disease is becoming more prevalent.

Learning to understand which foods nourish and energize you is again an inside job.  

Because eating is something we do everyday, we tend to use food to numb our feelings.  We know that if both movement and mindfulness facets are satisfied, we make better food choices.  

Just to reiterate, we often use food as comfort or to numb our negative feelings.  Understanding this, and becoming aware of your tendency to do this is key to intentional living to help your body thrive.  This too is an inside job.

Getting Started

So no matter what your goals are, whether to lose weight, improve body image, feel better, get over aches and pains, etc., we’ve got the right solution for you.

You can choose to start with Movement and get started by checking out our classes with amazing instructors.

Or you can choose to start with Mindfulness by choosing meditative classes that foster mindfulness.

You can also schedule a HeartMath session with Leslie Lipsius, our Heart Math Practitioner who teaches you how to tune inward and learn to meditate.

Want clarity about what you should be eating?  Sign up for an affordable Alkaline Method Nutrition Therapy plan to create a specific food plan for you.

You can choose to subscribe to our Alkaline Method App to incorporate the complete program to have the three facets covered every single day.

Have aches and pains?  Sign up for Alkaline Method Physical Therapy. We have affordable plans and take select insurance plans.

Need to work through reversing disease?  Schedule an Alkaline Method Functional Medicine visit today to get to the root of your symptoms and heal once and for all. 

Thanks for listening, I hope to see you at our center soon.

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See you next time.

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