Halloween is such a fun time for everyone. We all dress up in scary costumes, enjoy parties, and your kids get to eat yummy treats. These tips will help you incorporate healthy habits into trick-or-treating.

Keep the candy at bay. Tooth decay is painful and damaging to your children’s health. Make sure they brush and floss after consuming sweets. We also suggest handling out non-sugary treats such as granola bars and animal crackers.

Get moving. Regular physical activity between get together helps in controlling weight. When trick-or-treating, make your children walk around the neighborhood instead of driving them. Be creative and include activities like a monster race or zombie dance party.

Find balance. The best piece of advice we can give you is to keep everything in moderation. While a little treat doesn’t hurt, eating a balanced diet is essential. You can offer healthier choices to your children and guests. If you will be having a home party, it will be the perfect time to make a ghoulish drink! Try this green smoothie recipe. Just be creative and serve with striped pattern straws and eyeballs. Or top off this healthy carrot banana muffin with icing and spooky designs.

Play it safe. Inspect all edibles before eating them. Check the expiration dates and throw out anything with any allergens or unknown ingredients.

Get enough sleep. Don’t be a zombie! Insufficient sleep is linked to an increase risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. So after all the festivities, be sure to get enough rest and sleep.

Have a fun, safe, and healthy Halloween holiday!

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