Our core is essential to the health of our spine and is involved in proper posture and alignment. 

Yet, too often, its activation is completely lost in the fitness world.

We push hard, fast, and heavy with our workouts.  Yet we miss the most important activation, the CORE.

Typically, we emphasize the external muscles like the rectus abdominis, (aka our six pack abs), deltoids, and gluteals.

We firm them up with squats, sit ups, and push ups, yet the CORE is completely turned “off”.

Over time, this can create degeneration and injury. 

I’ve had many clinical cases where the patient was seemingly healthy and was doing all things they believed to be helpful. Yet, they ended up in surgery or were left debilitated.

So let’s discuss what CORE musculature is and how you can learn to activate them.

We’ll also discuss how doing so will help you cultivate optimal alignment and posture for years to come.

Core muscles involve four main muscles: diaphragm, pelvic floor, multifidus, and transverses abdominis. 

When we are up against gravity or are moving, these muscles must fire first to support our spinal structures, align our joints, and provide postural advantage for our bodies to move optimally in space.

It’s when we are not “connected” to our core that we can harbor injuries over time.  

When we’re young, it’s not a problem but as we get older, it becomes a progressive problem that requires immediate attention.

So whether you are into martial arts, yoga, weight lifting, running, or you sit at a desk all day, it’s important to understand how to activate your CORE to protect all of your joints.

Please watch this week’s blog and fast forward to 2:12 to learn how to activate these essential muscles.

Mind body connection is increasingly important in our “technologically connected” world.

So let’s cultivate body awareness and practice CORE activation in all that we do to safeguard ourselves against unnecessary injury.

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I’ll see you next time. 

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