Hi. It’s Dr. Connie.

As a patient living with a chronic disease, early in my journey, I used to obsess over any new FAD diets that claimed to potentially help me heal.

I’ve tried them all from blood type diets to body type diets, Paleo, Macrobiotics, to Keto….

As a clinician, I’ve also had to learn such diets to understand the implications for my patients.

But 19 years of clinical experience both as a patient and a clinician taught me that it’s not about the diets.

It’s more about each individual’s variations, stages in life, medical conditions, lifestyle choices, and the natural order.

I believe there are different nutritional needs for different people.

Various factors need to be weighed such as genetic predisposition, medical history, lifestyle history, their current lifestyle choices, and their current medical state.

Then there are different needs for different seasons of life.

In the winter, we tend to need more YIN foods like soup and vegetables to warm the body and in the summer, more YANG foods like abundant fresh fruits and vegetables to be in sync with nature.

Stages of life matters too.  As an infant we have different nutritional needs from the prepubescent, pubescent, prenatal, pregnancy, postpartum to post menopause years.

Despite such complexities, every year, there’s a new diet that seems to capture the attention of those who are desperately seeking for ways to lose weight or treat various medical conditions.

This drives the market and the marketers always win.  Because whatever diet becomes the most popular seems to be the “way” for a while until yet another fights and wins the market share.

Why?  Because diets don’t work but we keep thinking that they do.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” Said best by Albert Einstein

I’m not saying healthy eating is not important, rather, it’s when we believe a certain “diet” becomes the solution for everybody.

Alkaline Challenge

This year, I want to challenge you to think differently about your new year’s resolution as I know many of you are beginning to think about what your goals are.

I want you to think of your body like a car.

We get timely oil changes and clean or replace the filters to ensure that our car runs optimally and efficiently.

Our bodies are like our cars.  We too have accumulated toxins, bacteria, and yeast within us that need removing.

Such toxins love fat cells and they reside there.  This is why as we get older, we gain more flab and lose our muscle tone.

Aging is inflammatory,  and our “engine” is not as efficient as it once used to be.

Changing your diet is like putting in the best grade oil when you’ve got gunk in the gas tank and the filter is dirty.  The car won’t be as efficient as it could be unless we remove the gunk.

In the same way, because our environment and lives are becoming ever more stressful and toxic, our detox organs, which are our liver and kidneys, try their best to detoxify and remove the toxins via bowel movements and urine.

However, over time, they become sluggish as your cells become less receptive to the various metabolic signaling, causing a slowing and sluggish metabolism.

Many of you “feel” the sluggishness in your body everyday.  In fact, many of you struggle with weight creeping up slowly every year and no matter what you do, the weight becomes harder and harder to get rid of.

Alkaline Detox Protocol – The Ultimate Cleanse

I’m happy to report that we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

For those of you who are determined to make 2019 a year of transformation for your health and life, we have the ultimate cleanse called the Alkaline Detox Protocol.

It’s a comprehensive detox I’ve refined over the last 10 years.

It’s helped thousands of my patients reverse autoimmune conditions, improve diabetes, lose weight, lift brain fog, and most importantly have a sense of control and power over their health and lives in ways they could not fathom.

It’s what’s helped me to reverse my Lupus and has allowed me to create health in ways I never imagined.

If you’re serious about bettering your health, I want to challenge you in the new year to make a commitment to yourself to improve your health by decreasing inflammation, improving metabolism, and healing your gut all at the same time.

What’s even more valuable?  Our Hot Yoga in conjunction with the Ultimate Cleanse will take your health to another level.

We want to support you by creating a community and accountability to see this through and make this new year the best year yet.

Whether you’re struggling with weight gain, brain fog, weakness, lack of energy, or various symptoms, you’ll find that those symptoms begin to resolve and you’ll have new found health and a new body.

It truly is transformative.

Join the Alkaline Tribe

Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

“I’ve been struggling with edema, weight gain, low back pain, and lack of energy.  I tried the Alkaline Detox Protocol and I’m able to get off my high blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, and pain medications!  I also lost 15 lbs and counting!”.  Karen J

“My diabetes was out of control, I gained over 40 lbs in 3 years, every joint in my body ached.  I completed the Alkaline Detox Protocol and I am not only off of my diabetic medications, my diabetes is reversed!  I lost 20 lbs and I’m feeling and looking so much better than ever!.”  Herb S

“Weight crept up slowly and I gained 45 lbs in 5 years.  I struggled with knee pain, hand pain, low back pain, and all over body ache.  I didn’t know where to start but I knew I had to do something.  I started the Alkaline Detox Protocol and lost 35 lbs and began Hot Yoga and ALL my pain is gone!!  I can’t believe how much better I feel.  I recently had a physical and my Doctor was so pleased at how healthy I became as last year, I had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic, had high cholesterol, and tons of symptoms.  Thank you Dr. Connie!  Sandy J

“I recently applied for life insurance and failed.  They said my cholesterol was too high, blood pressure too high, I was borderline diabetic, and struggled with anxiety.  I’m a father of two young boys and everyday I came home all I did was fall on my couch and sleep.  I had no energy, declining libido, and had pain all over my body.  I started the detox and boy all my symptoms resolved.  I am now a believer in the power of detox.  Thank you Dr. Connie! “  Joseph P

Alkaline Challenge 2019

In the new year we will be offering the Alkaline Detox Protocol in conjunction with our Alkaline Yoga Therapy Classes.

If you purchase the Alkaline Detox Protocol before January 31, 2019, you will be given a complimentary unlimited yoga membership for 3 months, which is the length of the detox program.

For those of you who may not want to participate in yoga or are not local to our facility, we will be offering 15% off all Alkaline Detox Programs.

We have 3 different levels of detox depending on your health status and your health goals.

Level 1 is for those of you with no medical conditions.

Level 2 is for those of you who want to address some of your symptoms.

Level 3 is for those of you who have multiple symptoms and are diagnosed with a chronic illness.

If you want to read more about our detox programs, CLICK HERE. Or if you want a personal consult to determine which level is best for you, please call us at 6783355566.

Thanks for tuning in today, we’ll see you next time.


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