Alkaline Method™
Nutrition Coaching

CLEAR Roadmap to Destination Health

Reach your health goals, look and feel your best!

Health Made Easy

1.  Learn What To Eat

Get Clear On What To Eat Begin to Nourish Your Way Back To Health.

2.  Get Clear On Your Goals

Health is a journey, you'll need clear guidance to reach your goals.

3.  Look and Feel Your Best!

Dare to Look And Be The Healthiest Version Of Yourself. 


“Tired of YoYo Dieting?  We've got the perfect solution to push through and take charge of your weight and health.”

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Alkaline Method™ Nutrition Coaching

Leslie Lipsius, HMCP, AMCP, RYT-200 hr, 

Leslie is an Alkaline Method™ Certified Practitioner, Heart Math™ Certified Practitioner, and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

With a Nutrition Degree from University of Georgia, she loves all things healthy.

Leslie lives the Alkaline Method and experienced the healing benefits and since been trained personally by Dr. Connie.

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Dr. Connie Jeon, DPT, MPH, IFMCP, RD/LD, E-RYT 200 hr

With her unique Comprehensive Education coupled with her clinical experience, Dr. Connie created the Alkaline Method® as a system to help patients take FULL control over their health.  

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Our Exclusive Proprietary Method created by Dr. Connie to create health and  set you up for success.

Health is Wealth!

We live in a toxic world.  We are constantly bombarded with toxins from food, air, and electrical devices.  Toxins are everywhere!  To add to this, we suffer from information overload which causes us to be overwhelmed.  Overwhelm=Paralysis

What happens?  We consume lots of information, but it never translates to ACTION.  

Key to Success is Taking Action!

Our Program

Blueprint for Success

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    Simple, Easy, Step by Step Guidance
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    Accountability- Community- Coaching
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    Alkaline Method® Comprehensive Application to Ensure Results 
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    Clear, Achievable Goal Setting
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    Posture Assessment- Posture Enhancement Yoga-Pilates Therapy
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    Personalized Yoga-Pilates Training 
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    Nutrition Assessment- Food Plan Prescription
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    Cultivate Mindful Presence through HeartMath® Meditation
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    Alkaline App:  Track Progress and get coached in real time by our Alkaline Method® Coaches
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    Bio Impedence Analysis:  Baseline data to assess your body composition
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    Achieve your Health Goals:  Focus, Clarity, Weight Loss, Energy, Lean Muscle, Strength, Flexibility, Balance
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    Real life Health Solutions to Suit your life.

Creating Healthy Habits are KEY to Achieving Success.

Did you know, 45% of ALL that we do is out of habit?  

But changing habits are hard!  You'll need a coach to get rid of OLD habits and create NEW habits to have lasting effects.  We've created a step by step "system" to set you up for success.  


Most people FAIL at their Health Goals because they rely on sheer WILL POWER and GRIT to struggle through.  

Our program is different.  We're focused on making lasting HABITS that will help you live Joyfully for years to come!

  •   Bypass your "Triggers" 1. We all have "triggers" that dictate our behavior patterns.  We teach you how to recognize and rewire your patterns AND create desirable behaviors that will be effortless.
  •   Zen Presence 2.  Living mindfully without cluttering your brain is key to lasting success, your friends and family will recognize and appreciate the profound change in you.  Become a better version of yourself.
  •   Set CLEAR Goals 3.  A ship without a rudder will go nowhere.  It's time to be the CAPTAIN of your life to know CLEARY where you're going.  Live YOUR life, not the life other people set for you.
  •   Improve Posture 4. Most of us have postural dysfunction causing a host of physical problems.  Truth is that it's easy to reverse.  Proper posture and alignment will allow for optimal health and life brain fog so you can be optimally positioned to thrive in your life.
  •  Improve Strength-Flexibility-Stability 5.  Weight gain is a result of metabolic insufficiency.  As your body improves its functional ability to move "gracefully" in space, you'll experience decrease in pain, improved metabolism, and fat burning efficiency.
  •   Accountability 6.  We are social creatures, and science is proving that any grand endeavor like weight loss or health change is doomed for failure if you do it alone.  Accountability with our Alkaline® Coaches allows for you to stay on track on reach your goals
  •  Improved Energy 7.  Energy depletion is an issue for everyone!  It's because of the toxic foods that are no longer foods.  Our plan will guide you in understanding what foods are nourishing and what "foods" cause inflammation.
  •   Lose Weight 8.  Unwanted pounds creep up when your body is not efficient.  Our comprehensive plan will "reset" and "reboot" your health in ways that allow your body to burn fat and lose weight.  Healthy weight is easy to achieve once your body is in balanced, "Alkaline" state.

Who It's For

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    Those who are committed
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    Who want to feel better AND is willing do something about it.
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    Those who want to take charge over their Health.
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    Who realize their current health status is NOT acceptable.
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    Who want to live a thriving life
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    Those who realize behavior change requires a good "Coach" to keep on track.
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    Those who want to change what's not working.
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    Who realize information on the internet is confusing and contradictory and want someone to filter only the necessary info to benefit from it.
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    Who tend to think glass is half full.

Who It's NOT For

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    Thinking about changing but NOT committed
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    Who feel bad but NOT willing to do something about it.
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    Those who prefer to let someone else worry about their health.
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    Who are not ok with their current health but OK with living sub-optimally
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    Would rather take a pill for their ills than put forth the effort.
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    Who don't want to change what's not working.
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    Who love consuming information without taking action.
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    Who tend to think the glass is half empty.

This information is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We advise this information to be supplemental to your plan of treatment.

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