Alkaline Method

Gut Health

We believe it all starts with our Gut.  We all have some degree of "leaky gut" and it can wreak havoc on our health.  

Over time, the degradation to our gut lining can cause over stimulation of our immune system, imbalance of our gut microflora, and inflammation collectively leading to chronic disease.  We must work to restore gut health.  

Physical Health

We live in a time where we are sedentary more than ever before.  We also know that without proper movement our bodies, we get weak and degenerate leading to arthritis and muscle pain.  

Proper posture, alignment, and dynamic movements are KEY to Alkalizing our body.  

We have various programs:   Yoga, Alkaline Health Coaching, and Physical therapy

Brain Health

We are constantly bombarded with an abundance of information.  We are busy in our minds, but don't take the time to "connect" with our bodies.

Taking time to not only supply your brain of necessary air, nutrition, and ability to reboot daily will Alkalize your body and mind.  

An Alkaline Brain is an optimal brain primed for success.  

You can work with our Alkaline Method ™ Coaches to learn how to shift your brain from Acid to Alkaline.