Hi. Dr. Connie here.

I’ve been a clinician and a patient for over 19 years.

My journey to health was a convoluted one.

I’ve experienced the ups and downs of living with an unpredictable autoimmune condition.

Subject to conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, corticosteroids, NSAIDS, DMARDS, and biologics, I was offered different meds for just about every symptom that I manifested.

At the onset of my disease, the symptoms were severe and debilitating.  But as my body learned to “dance” with an activated immune system, it began to slowly find balance.

I’ve tried just about every treatment, both holistic and conventional. I can confidently tell you that there are no straight forward treatments or answers to each of our health predicaments.

Healthcare is Sickcare

What I do know is that our current medical practices are excellent for sickcare.

They focus on what we consider the reductionistic approach. This means that the current medical system tends to take the complex whole body systems and break them down into parts.

For example, the practice of medicine is highly specialized today. We’ve got different specialists for every body system.

These specialists try to take a microscopic approach to a more complex overall system that is impossible to break apart.

Doctors commonly prescribe medications for various symptoms and conditions. These medications can alter a small biochemical pathway by blocking or altering the natural physiological order.

Unfortunately, this may tip the balance in such a way as to cause yet another symptom.

And the common medical approach is to prescribe another medication for that new symptom. This continues to spiral our system off balance, often to the point of irreversible damage.

The Alkaline Method

Understanding the workings of the body first and foremost, coupled with respecting the individual differences of each patient, is key in making a shift from acid to alkaline.

Why alkaline?

In an alkaline state, disease can’t exist.  Our body works very hard to keep a balanced pH, which is optimal at slightly alkaline, between 7.35-7.45.

This is a narrow range to strive for. The body has an innate ability to keep itself in this range unless its toxic load or overall acidic burden tips the scale to an acidic state.

Taoist Theory

In eastern philosophy or culture, the yin/yang symbol is the representation of balance between chaos and order.

Every disease state is a result of too much acidic activity or chaos. On the other hand, a healthy state is determined by an alkaline state and order.

As the founder and creator of Alkaline Wellness Center and the Alkaline Method, it took 19 years of navigating the medical system, to realize that there has to be a better way to empower those struggling with chronic symptoms or disease.

This method originated from my personal frustrations with an ineffective and inefficient medical system.

The current system aims to define each patient based on a diagnosis, as opposed to aiming to create longevity and health.

In order to achieve order and balance, we need three fundamental pillars.

  • Gut Health
  • Physical Health
  • Brain Health

Translating the pillars to a modality that we as patients can have full control over has been my long term goal.

I feel I’m getting closer everyday.

We Believe…

  • Food is medicine to optimize Gut Health
  • Movement is medicine to optimize Physical Health
  • Mindfulness is medicine to optimize Brain Health

If we can strive to strike a balance between these three pillars, I believe you will be well on your way to shifting from acid to alkaline, and you can achieve a life full of vitality and health.

Keep in mind that our bodies are temperamental and constantly changing and evolving.

Due to the interplay between our genes and the environment through the intake of food, our threshold for disease and our ability to metabolically detoxify are constantly dancing and shifting, trying to aim toward balance.

The Alkaline Method focuses on these three pillars that we ourselves have complete control over.

We have control over what and how we eat, whether to move or exercise, and to live a mindful life by having clear intentions for everything that we do.

In essence, it’s the blueprint for success both in life and health.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.  This was best said by Einstein.

I believe everyone can create their own health and it’s so important to take ownership over our health and lives.

So we at Alkaline Wellness aim to provide a one stop solution for all your healthcare needs.

Alkaline Method Functional Medicine

Our Alkaline Method Functional Medicine approach focuses on simple solutions that will have you in the driver’s seat in taking control of your own health.

Having been through various functional medicine practitioners for my own health, I wanted to create a more effective treatment method.

I want to ensure that you and I as patients can be better informed about the fundamental things that we can incorporate in our lives everyday to help ourselves make the alkaline shift.

Alkaline Method Physical Therapy

Our Alkaline Method Physical Therapy approach focuses on the whole body functional assessment rather than treating the different body parts.

We feel that conventional physical therapy is quickly becoming an inefficient commodity that’s largely dictated by the bureaucracy of the insurance companies.

These insurance companies want to dictate what and how much service the patient needs.

In order to make the service available to you economically, we’ve got physical therapy memberships that will be cheaper than your co-pays for conventional physical therapy treatments.

Additionally, we offer daily Rehab Pilates-Trapeze-Yoga Therapy oriented classes taught by a physical therapist to enhance your mobility and decrease pain.

Alkaline Method Nutrition Therapy

Food is medicine, but various popular diets that often contradict one another tend to confuse a lot of people.

We know that food is much more than nourishment.  It’s a habit, memories, connection, and intimately tied to our emotions.

We at Alkaline Wellness don’t believe in specific diets.  We simply believe in a balanced, alkaline food plan that allows you to eat the foods that are right for YOU.

Many need personal guidance and coaching to be successful at choosing the right foods for their bodies.

We offer monthly memberships for accountability, group support, and nutrition coaching to set you up for success no matter what your goals are.

We know that being surrounded by like minded individuals makes achieving your goals much easier.

Alkaline Method Yoga-Pilates-Trapeze-Barre Therapy

I’ve always felt strongly about the continuity of care.

By offering quality, small size classes which allow you to work towards a metabolically sound body, we can ensure that you maintain your gains and are aiming toward longevity and health.

Too often, yoga and other exercises focus on the final expression of the pose or the activity rather than understanding differences in individual body types.

Personalizing the classes to suit your body type will dramatically help you to not only tone and sculpt, but allow you to move pain free with perfect posture.

Respecting joint structure, anatomy, and physiology is key in preventing injury and maintaining the integrity and health of our joints.

Moving at a biomechanical advantage is also at the forefront of our therapies.

We hope you check out our new offerings and share this exciting transition.

See you soon.

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