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We help you get to the ROOT of your pain and RESTORE

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We help those who's frustrated with pain to get to the ROOT cause and get rid of pain.  

Pain is almost always a result of compensatory movement patterns, systemic inflammation, and habitual muscle memory.   Collectively such dysfunctions over time can cause irreversible damage.  

Conventional physical therapy focuses on the reductionistic model of focusing on the area of pain.  We focus on your whole body alignment, posture, compensation, dynamic movement, and help you to get rid of pathological patterns in other areas of the body that is creating an "ACIDIC" state in your body and shift "ALKALINE".

We utilize our signature Alkaline Method ™ Framework to not only get ride of pain, but help you to get your body in optimal condition so that you can regain function and improve muscle mass so that you can live your healthiest lives.  

Regain Control Over Your Movement

Our bodies are like a car.  We need to "maintain" its condition so that it can perform at its best.  

Too often, we slow down as we grow older or stop moving.   Our bodies are designed to move.  Without movement, we  harbor inflammation and degeneration.

We help you to regain control over your body, correct posture, and optimize function.  

Our Method will Alkalize your body and not only boost your performance, but get you stronger over time.  

Allowing you to defy gravity and aging.

Core -Posture -Alignment

So much of our work today is on our computer and as a result, promote sedentary lifestyle.  This creates acidity in our bodies and unless we retrain our bodies to properly move against gravity, we will create muscle imbalances to promote further acidity.

Improving posture and alignments require specific guidance on which muscles to turn "on" and which ones to turn "off".  

By strategic retraining of our "CORE" musculature, we help you not only improve posture and alignment, but strengthen your CORE as a foundational element in your full recovery and improved physical performance.

In short we help you to work smart, not hard.  

We specialize in Autoimmune Related Conditions and Women's Health Conditions.  

What We Treat

  • Low Back Pain
  • Chronic Pain
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    Shoulder Impingement
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    Knee Pain
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    Sports Related Injuries
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    Sports Enhancement
  • Autoimmune Conditions
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    Pelvic Floor Issues
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    Pelvic Pain
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    Urinary Incontinence
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    Prenatal/Pregnancy/Postpartum Fitness


Fundamental pillars of health are essential to our overall health and recovery.  

Our Alkaline Method ™ Framework applies SMART therapeutic intervention to enhance your brain  to STRATEGICALLY connect to  your body and command SPECIFIC muscle activation to help your body to achieve perfect posture.

This outcome will ALKALIZE your body, preserve your joints, improve strength, and get rid of pain once and for all.  

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“Dr. Connie is magical.  She eliminated my chronic pain in just under 5 visits.  I can now freely walk my dog and hike with my kids without tearing up in pain”

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Finally Pain Free and Happy!

Since giving birth to my daughter, I've been in chronic pain, unable to move freely, and afraid to go places with my daughter.  Doctors dismissed my pain for years until I met Dr. Connie.  She made me feel comfortable and immediately explained what was wrong and fixed me in a few visits.  I am forever thankful, I can hope to have another baby and I can now take my daughter to Disney World without the fear of pain.  Thank you!

Lindsey C

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Dr. Connie has gotten me out of pain many times, she's my "needle whisperer".  She magically makes my pain and spasms disappear, she's one I trust to guide me on my health journey.

Lisa G  


Dr. Connie Jeon

Dr. Connie's unique in her approach as she artfully combines her vast knowledge to deliver powerful results that will have you feeling 100% FAST.  

With over 19 years of clinical experience, she's been  incorporating  unconventional interventions that's healed her patients when all other treatments failed.  

Frustrated by bureaucracies of the medical system, she practices "differently" to get you results.  

Alkaline Method ™ for Powerful Results

Most of us live in chronic pain due to sedentary lifestyles, poor food choices, and stressful demands both at work place and at home.  Constantly wired and tired leads to poor body awareness and poor posture.  Poor posture, sedentary life, stress, and poor diet will cause chronic inflammation perpetuating pain and degeneration. 

Our powerful Alkaline Method ™ Framework will help you not only get rid of pain, but help you to have more energy, improve your posture, and laser focus in all that you do. 

In short, your body will transform from Acidic to Alkaline and in an Alkaline environment, our bodies can thrive.    

 5 Key Stretches for Improved Posture

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