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Alkaline Protocol - Alkaline Wellness

Health Doesn't Need to Be Elusive

There is no one way to health, because we are all different and we may struggle with varying health issues from weight gain, menopause symptoms, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, depression, to just feeling "off".  While some treatments work for some, frankly, it doesn’t for others, and this includes medications, supplements, and diets.

On top of that, health is so elusive these days - everybody who's somebody seems to know the proper diet to pursue, supplements to take, exercise regimens to follow, and how to find the correct balance in your life. Many social media feeds add to the confusion as thousands of bloggers tout their "expert" opinions on “the best and healthiest” yoga postures, diets, recipes, and health tips. You are not alone in your frustration with the volume of incorrect and over information found on the internet about health.

We Simplify Health For You

After 16 years of clinical experience and struggle her own personal health issues (Lupus), Dr. Connie created a Protocol for healing that takes away the confusion and simplifies health for you, step-by-step, with the Alkaline Protocol.

Balancing the Body & Healing the Gut

A balanced body is one that is mentally, emotionally, and physically stable, and most importantly, the body has a healthy gut. You see, once the body is balanced it does its own thing: healing itself better than any surgery, medicine, or diet plan. For many, finding that balance is exactly what is needed, even with some pretty tough health issues, and in as few as 28 days on the Alkaline Protocol,  they lose weight, enjoy more energy, and gain the confidence to live and pursue their life with zest again.  For others, especially with complicated health issues, they too can find balance and health, it just may take a little more time, patience, and support.

Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere

The Alkaline Protocol is available ONLINE or IN-PERSON.  In the comfort of your own home, you can access a self-paced, online program  (computer and internet connection required), you can work with Dr. Connie via Skype or phone, or for a more personal touch, you can make an appointment to work in-person with Dr. Connie in our Johns Creek, GA office.  Health is no longer elusive.


There are five distinct phases to the Alkaline Protocol:

  3. DETOX