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Health is Wealth

Health is a journey from the time we are born into our retirement years.  In today's fast paced world, we need to guard our health as increasing number of us are affected by various diseases and symptoms.  

Conventional Medical System can only offer "treatments" that manage our conditions but don't offer a "cure".  Understanding what health is and getting clear on your destination health is key to thriving.  

Journey Begins....

From inception, we learn to eat, move, and think a certain way.  As we grow, we don't question the common "beliefs" and do what we've always done.  That is, until what we've always done doesn't work any more.   

You begin to feel the aging process, can't digest the same any more, aches and pains begin to limit you, weight slowly creeps up, and have mysterious signs and symptoms that signify something's not right.  

As you watch your children grow up, you begin to notice the suboptimal foods that they are eating and know it's not what they should be eating.  

And as you watch your aging parents decline, you know you don't want to go through what they're going through.  

Too much information is confusing.

Its our nature to be paralyzed by too much information.  

With so much information at our finger tips, its causing more confusion than ever before.  

When we're bombarded with so much information, our minds shut off and we do nothing.  

Alkaline Health Movement

The journey to health doesn't have to be hard.   Imagine having a a clear map of your GOAL POST plus COACHING, COMMUNITY  and ACCOUNTABILITY. 

Understanding that we are losing time, and to do nothing puts our health at risk.  If we lose control over our health, we lose control over everything in our lives that matter to us.  Our kids, spouse, parents, profession, wealth, or anything else.  Nothing matters.  

The path to creating health is one that needs to be navigated and lead by someone who has not only been on the journey, but also understands the science of disease and prevention.

This journey requires a STRONG desire to create health and the willingness to take action. 

“Health means different things for different people.  Health should be a priority in your life that enables you to live, love, and thrive with those you love.  Don't let sickness or disease stop you."

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Patient Stories


Free from pain....

I used to have unrelenting low back pain that debilitated me.  I struggled with so much fatigue and pain that I began to sink into depression.  I knew I couldn't continue to live this way.  I sought out Dr. Connie's help and its amazing how I was able to get over my pain completely.  I not only got rid of medications for diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure, but lost 20 pounds and counting.  

Dick Peterson

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One month ago I had to 'hang' on to my husband's arm as we walked 100 yards from the parking garage into the Cobb Energy Ctr. My kids would tease me when I got up from a chair... "Mom, better put your legs on." And, I was planning to ask my oncologist for a handicap sticker for my car...

I am now able to walk my dog, moon-walking, I can strut, stroll and stride all at the same time. Life is good, thank you!

Katie T Patient


I've been struggling with low back pain, anxiety and depression for a while before I began working with Dr. Connie and really, she's helped me to get my confidence back, get off depression medications, no longer have reflux, and feel better in my 40's as I did in my 20's.  Dr. Connie is the best at guiding you in the right path to finding your optimal health by healing YOU from the inside.  

Chris Dozier Patient

Dr. Connie is amazing! After going to numerous doctors and them not knowing exactly what was wrong with me, Dr. Connie immediately addressed my issue and I have been feeling a lot better ever since. 

Gessenia Thompson

I had been suffering for over a year with low back pain, numbness & tingling & stiffness in hands, arms legs and feet. Had been to an ortho doctor, rheumatologist, 3 chiropractors, and a good physical therapist all to get progressively worse.  Dr. Connie helped me to get my life back.

Diane H - Patient

Many visits to various doctors and many tests (blood work, CT scans, ultrasounds, X-rays, colonoscopy, endoscopy, and stomach scrapes, etc.) later I was deemed perfectly healthy but I was struggling with symptoms.  Dr. Connie helped me to make sense of my issues and helped me to restore my life back!

Carin J - Patient

Dr. Connie brings CLARITY to my confusion

I was confused and taking quite a variety of pills prescribed by various health practitioners. She took the time to evaluate and overhaul my overwhelming array of supplements and eliminated many. With her program I am steadily losing weight and learning techniques on how to be at optimal health.  I have more energy and feel fabulous and better than I did 10 years ago!

I've been to several Functional Medicine Practitioners and I trust Dr. Connie to navigate the confusing information that I've gathered over the years.  I trust her expertise, judgement, and integrity when it comes to my health.  

Jeanie Schmidt- Patient

Only $97  

Lifetime Access

We are our habits

According to research by Duke University, 45% of what we do is habitual.  Due to increasing demands for our attention, we consume information but fail to ACT on it.  

Knowledge is power only when we apply it actively in our lives.  Rather than living our lives like zombies, we need to deliberately build healthy habits that eventually become fool proof.

Will power doesn't work.  Using concepts from the science of human behavior, we've created a system to create health despite all the odds.

Accountability, Community, and Coaching

We are social creatures.  When we do things alone, within weeks, we fail at the new behavior.  

The good news is you can hack discipline and create massive amounts of it for yourself. Accountability is KEY!  Accountability is amazing, and it's an extremely potent source of social pressure because it targets how we are programmed to be, social.  

So we will have monthly webinars, daily check ins (on our app), and a private Facebook group for Alkaline Health  Members only where we can share our successes and struggles to get through this together, long term.  

Step by Step

We have a lofty GOAL.  As Rebels, we are going against the grain to redefine our HEALTH for ourselves.  What's ahead may seem insurmountable.

That's why we need to chunk it down in small steps.  Believe me, if you tried to eat the elephant all at once, you'll give up before you start.  

Any change is hard.  Key is breaking it down into small micro-steps that are super easy to follow, and acting on them to ensure lasting behavior changes that are fool proof. 

Here's What You Get With
Alkaline Health Membership

  •   Alkaline Diet Quick Start Guide 1. Simple step by step eating guide so you can get started and stay on track.
  •   Alkaline Nutrition 101 2. Confused about what to eat?  Using FOOD as MEDICINE requires understanding of the fundamentals of Nutrition.  You'll be your own Nutritionist with the power to heal yourself.
  •   Alkaline Cooking 101 3. Don't cook?  We have easy cooking guides that will provide you with     the fundamentals to cooking simple, healthy meals. Cooking made easy.
  •   Eating Out Guide 4. Life Happens.  There will be times where you'll find yourself in the fast     food line or at a restaurant.  We've got a guide full of options to keep you on track, so you stay in full control.
  •   Easy Recipes 5. We've got easy, simple, and delicious recipes that you can follow. New recipes will be delivered to you every week, so you can grow your cook book.
  •   Cooking With Dr. Connie 6. We don't TELL you what to do, we SHOW you how it's done. 
  •   Grocery Shopping on a Budget 7. A clear shopping list to fill your pantry with the staples that you need, including recommended vendors where you can purchase products that have the highest quality and lowest price on the market.  
  •   Community and Support 8. It's hard to make changes on your own.  You'll be connected with like minded people who will support your every effort and encourage you along the way.  
  •   Accountability 9. You'll need a COACH to push you along.  We will provide a monthly Webinar to assess where you are and mentor you to stay on track, no matter what your obstacles may be.
  •   Tracking and Monitoring 10. You'll have access an app that you can download on your smart device that will allow you to track your progress, weight, moods, and triggers.  You can also sync this app with your FitBit so you can track your activity.  
  •   Supplement Recommendations 11. Everyone's talking about vitamins and supplements for Lupus.  But what is right for you?  We've got recommendations on the non-negotiable supplements that you SHOULD consider.
  •   Professional Guidance  12. Carefully curated lifestyle tips distributed sequentially for your to get clear on your health goals.



Your savings on supplements alone will make up the price of the membership!  Plus we only offer Nutraceutical grade, highly researched products that's proven to offer significant health benefits. It's a no brainer!  


Dr. Connie works with a physical therapy patient using the trap table.

Yoga was instrumental in Dr. Connie's own healing journey.  She's also an expert in physical therapy based Lupus yoga and pilates.  She'll show you how to regain your strength, balance, stability, and flexibility so that you can live pain free!

3.  Exclusive Private Facebook Community

Exclusive Facebook Group to share your progress, tips and tricks with like minded HEALTH REBELS that support each other.  We will share exclusive information on this page to ensure your success.

Note from Dr. Connie,

Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to look over what we have to offer. Our team and I have been hard at work to create a comprehensive program that can set you up for success.

In my 19 years in clinical practice, I've felt a deep sense of lack in the medical system that often overlooks the most fundamental factor to health and disease, lifestyle.

Health means different things to different things.   One thing I am sure of is that without health, you have nothing.  

I'm on a mission to help as many of you as possible to create health so that you not only survive, but learn to thrive!  

This information is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We advise this information to be supplemental to your plan of treatment.

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