Discover which Alkaline Yoga Therapy class is right for you.


75 minutes of our 50 signature postures created to get you toned, flexible, and strong by working your entire body. By doing the same, challenging sequence every class, you’ll cultivate body awareness like never before.  You’ll learn to live IN your body and begin to honor your body to strengthen mind-body connection.  You’ll work hard, sweat a lot, and leave feeling invigorated.  Highly recommended for all levels, especially first time students. This class takes place in a “hot” infrared heated room.


Our hips have a tendency to get tight, as more and more people are sitting all day long. Hips also carry past trauma, which makes them prone to various injury and dysfunction. Our Alkaline Hot Hips aims to improve mobility, strength, and stability to get rid of low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. It also helps improve posture and core stability. This class takes place in a “hot” infrared heated room.


Our creative vinyasa flow focuses on dynamic movement with fun, functional postures that will tone, improve flexibility and balance, and enhance your body awareness.  You’ll learn to use breath with movement and ease in and out of various poses intended to help you improve your strength, posture, stability, endurance, and flexibility.  With soothing music and excellent instruction by our professional Alkaline Yoga Practitioners, you’ll be incorporating movements that will have lasting healing effects on your body. This class takes place in a warmed room. This class is recommended for those who have Yoga experience.


From beginner to advanced students, our All Levels Flow is a carefully choreographed sequence that helps you effortlessly move in space and improve your ability to move dynamically. This class is great for those who want to build strength, flexibility, coordination, and improve alignment.


This low impact, safe, and therapeutic method will help you achieve full-body toning in ways you’ve never imagined.  This class will focus on toning the most troubled areas of our bodies, such as hips, thighs, core, and arms.  In this class you’ll strategically sculpt each part of your body with precise isometric contractions, promoting long, lean muscles.


This is our signature class that can drastically improve balance, proprioception, neuromuscular connection, and create symmetrical movement patterns. Our Aerial instructors are meticulous about alignment, posture, core activation, and focus. From gentle rehab exercises to hanging upside down, this class incorporates anti-gravity movement and spinal decompression so you can achieve pain free movement. Aerial Yoga is appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga students.


This is an invigorating, powerful vinyasa flow which focuses on dynamic movement. You’ll enhance your cardiovascular fitness, tone and sculpt your body, and cultivate mindfulness.  This class is offered midday, so it’s the perfect class to tune into your body during your lunch hour and get energized for the latter part of the day. You’ll leave feeling invigorated and rejuvenated, and be able to eliminate the typical post lunch fatigue.    


New to Yoga? No problem!  In this class you’ll learn the fundamentals of proper alignment and posture to keep you safe and successful in your health journey.  Too often, we practice Yoga ignoring ourselves in the process.  For many, the aim becomes the full expression of the poses themselves, often at the risk of injury.  Learn the foundational principles of alignment and posture so that you can preserve your body and prevent injuries for a healthy and thriving life.


This powerful class incorporates movement as medicine.  It’s slower paced and focuses on the important connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, and fascia to bring the body back to balance. Most of the poses are performed lying down or seated, and you’ll be holding these therapeutic poses for extended amounts of time (3-5 minutes). You’ll leave feeling restored and calm.  


This slow moving class will help you to direct your focus to your muscles and connect your breath to your movement. This class is perfect for improving stability and functional mobility. In addition to Beginner Yoga, we highly recommend this class for those who are new to Yoga.


Our creative vinyasa flow focuses on dynamic movement with breath.  This class will help you cultivate body awareness that will enhance your posture and alignment to keep you safe.  Finish up with Yoga Nidra to quiet your mind and tune into the powerful healing effects within your body that will have you feeling energized yet calm.  


Pregnancy and postpartum phases of a woman’s life creates physiological shifts in the body.  These signature classes were created by a Women’s Health Expert who understands the physiological and anatomical needs during these phases. Our prenatal and postpartum classes are designed to help you not only prepare for pregnancy, but to strategically incorporate the muscle activation necessary to reclaim your health and body postpartum and beyond.


We know that kids today lack body awareness. They live in their heads with so many distractions from electronic devices and social media. They need FOCUS, and Yoga is the perfect way to cultivate self awareness in young minds. They will boost self confidence, establish healthy body image, and learn to “own” their bodies to set themselves up for success in life.


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