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“Yoga was instrumental in my personal healing with Lupus. It's helped me to overcome my fear and strengthened me physically, mentally, and spiritually. ”

Dr. Connie Jeon


Founder Alkaline Wellness


 Victoria Ladd, RYT 200 hr 

 Alkaline Yoga Director 


Hi, I'm Victoria Ladd, and I have years of teaching experience and teaching and practicing Yoga is my passion.  I look forward to seeing you in class to lead you in your personal transformation in body, mind, and spirit.  No matter what your experience, we've got the perfect Yoga class for you.  Click here for more about me.


Why Choose Alkaline Yoga Therapy?

Alignment and Posture Focus

We believe proper alignment is fundamental to the practice of Yoga to heal from injuries and prevent degeneration and inflammation.

Alkaline yoga theray

Mindful Practice

Yoga is meditation with movement where you meet your best self on the mat.  It's where you cultivate awareness and presence in your daily life to tap into your inner wisdom.

Alkaline Yoga Therapy

Safe Community-Accountability

We are social beings by nature.  Science proves that we need community and accountability to succeed in health behavior change.  We want to create a community with like minded beings to enhance our health and lives.

Alkaline Trapeze Yoga Therapy

Discover Our Classes

Alkaline Hot Yoga

Alkaline hot 75

Alkaline 75 minutes of our signature 40 postures created to get you toned, flexible, and healthy by working your entire body.  Challenging but easy, same but different, yin but yang, it will allow you to cultivate body awareness like never before.  You'll learn to live IN your body and begin to honor your body to strengthen the MIND-BODY connection.  You'll work hard, sweat a lot, and leave feeling invigorated.  Highly recommended for all levels, especially the first time students.  Performed in a "hot" infrared heated room.

Alkaline flow

Our creative vinyasa flow focuses on dynamic movement with fun functional movements that will tone, improve flexibility, balance, and enhance your body awareness.  You'll learn to use breath with movement and ease in and out of various poses intended to help you improve your strength,  posture, stability, endurance, and flexibility.  With soothing and inspiring music, and excellent instruction by our professional Alkaline Yoga Practitioners, you'll be incorporating movements that will have lasting healing effects on your body.  

Alkaline Trapeze Yoga Therapy

Alkaline barre and trapeze

This low impact, safe, and therapeutic method will help you achieve full-body toning in ways you've never imagined.  This signature class will focus on toning the most troubled areas of our body, hips, thighs, core, and arms.  Strategically sculpting each part of your body with precise isometric contractions promoting long, lean muscles.  With our Trapeze, it truly has an antigravity effect on your body, lengthening our spine, activating our core muscles as to have an internal corset pulling in those excess muffin top, (:-) creating a shapely hour glass figure without effort.  

Alkaline Healing Yoga

Alkaline Beginners

New to Yoga?  No problem!  This is a class that'll set the fundamentals of proper alignment and posture to keep you safe and successful in your health journey.  Too often, we practice Yoga ignoring ourselves in the process.  Our aim becomes the full expression of the "poses" themselves often at the risk of injury.   Learn the foundation so that you can preserve and prevent injuries for a healthy and thriving life.

Alkaline Yin Yoga

Alkaline Yin 

This powerful class incorporates movement as medicine.  It's slower paced and focuses on the important connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, and fascia to bring the body back to balance.  Holding therapeutic poses for extended amount of time (3-5 minutes), most of the poses are performed lying down or seated.  You'll leave feeling restored and calm.  

Alkaline Flow and Meditation

Alkaline Flow & meditation

Our creative vinyasa flow focuses on dynamic movement with breath.  This class will cultivate body awareness that will enhance your posture and alignment to keep you safe.  Finish up with Yoga Nidra to quiet your mind and tune into the powerful healing effects in your body that will have you feeling energized and calm.  

healthy through pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy and Postpartum phases of a woman's life creates a physiological shift.   Our signature class is created by a Women's Health Expert who understands the physiological and anatomical needs during this phase.  This class is designed to help you not only prepare for pregnancy and beyond, but to strategically incorporate the necessary muscle activation to reclaim your health and body postpartum and beyond.

Kids Yoga

We advocate for moms at Alkaline Wellness.  We know that kids today lack body awareness.  They live in their heads with so much distractions from the electronic devices and social media up keeps.  They need FOCUS  and yoga is the perfect way to cultivate self awareness in the young minds.  They will boost self confidence, establish healthy body image, and learn to "own" their body to set them up for success in life.

Alkaline Power Flow

Alkaline power flow

This is an invigorating powerful vinyasa flow focusing on dynamic movement to enhance your cardiovascular fitness, tone and sculpt your body, and cultivate mindfulness.  Typically offered mid day, it's a perfect class to tune into your body during your lunch hour and get energized for the latter part of the day.  You'll feel invigorated and rejuvenated and be able to eliminate the typical post lunch fatigue.  

Main Benefits of Alkaline Yoga

We believe Yoga can be a  therapeutic modality to HEAL from chronic illness and injuries.  

We believe Yoga has the power to heal and cultivating mindfulness is absolutely necessary to heal from disease and injuries.   With this premise, our Alkaline Yoga Therapy aims to coach you into finding your optimal health by cultivating Self Awareness, Acceptance, and Love.


Improve Energy

Many struggle with lack of energy and constant fatigue.  You can recharge your energy by practicing our invigorating Yoga by improving metabolism.  


Decrease Pain

Everyone to some extent suffer from minor to severe muscular or joint pain.  Why?  Because we have created a sedentary culture with poor posture which is conducive to degeneration.


Improve Strength, Flexibility, and Balance

No one is immune to getting older.  That's why its wise for us to work on improving strength, flexibility, and balance to balance the aging process.


Increase Muscle Mass

Flabby, weak muscles promote weight gain and chronic illness.  Our Yoga Classes will help to not only to increase lean muscle, but also to burn fat so that you can move optimally.  

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Alkaline Yoga Therapy is a unique Yoga Method with focus on precise alignment, breath, and control.


Prenatal Yoga

Kids Yoga

Alkaline Yoga

Posture Yoga