Is pain stopping you from making the most out of your life? Do you want to break the cycle of pain and pills? The good news is that painkillers are not necessarily needed for relief. We offer safe alternative treatments.

The presence of acute pain is often a warning signal that something is wrong. It can appear suddenly (acute pain) or persistent (chronic pain) lasting for 3 months or more.

According to the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), pain is among the most common conditions in which adults often use complementary health approaches. In 2012, Americans spent approximately $30 billion on complementary health approaches.

In another study, 126 million adults experience some pain in a given year. These include headaches, back, joint, and neck pain. Medications may be helpful but many people turn to complementary therapies and alternative treatments for pain relief.

Depending on the severity, it can be treated in many ways. At Alkaline Wellness, we offer yoga, trigger point dry needling, neuromuscular activation, cranio-sacral therapy, and electro trigger point stimulation. So the next time you’re in pain, try some of these modalities before turning to medications.  We combine complementary therapies with diet and supplementation. For instance, alkaline diet can reduce inflammation. Together, our approach to pain management will help address the underlying cause.

You have suffered long enough. Take action now and contact us.

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