Autoimmune-Immune System

Every minute of everyday, your immune system protects you from multitude of bacteria, chemicals, viruses, and allergens.   A healthy immune system should mount an appropriate and timely response to these harmful substances.

But even the healthy immune system can be overtaken such as when you catch a cold or flu.  Repeated attack can lead to weakened immune system.  You may recognize this as an ongoing infection, allergies, chronic inflammation, and eventually, autoimmune disease.

The strength of your immune systems started developing before you were born and set the stage for your future health.  Although it starts with your parents, ultimately, your immune system is a reflection of you.

It develops over time, responding to your environment, diet, and lifestyle habits, stress levels, and gastrointestinal health.

These factors can weaken your ability to defend against the pathogen and repair tissues.

To build the solid immune foundation, you need a clear plan.


Let’s start with your diet.  Are you fatigued, dragged around, and feeling weak?  Without enough energy, your immune system suffers.

To protect your immune system, it’s critical that you eat an Alkaline Diet rich in immune boosting nutrients to optimize your energy levels.  Next, let’s talk about your gastrointestinal health.

Over 70% of your immune system lives within your GI tract.  Within this system lives trillions of bacteria.

There are more bacteria living in your GI tract than the cells in your entire body.  There’s a delicate balance between helpful and harmful bacteria in your gut.

These helpful bacteria keep the harmful bacteria and yeast in check, produce vitamins and feed the cells of your intestinal barrier.

A healthy diet and lifestyle along with stress reduction practices and targeted nutrients can strengthen the protective gut barrier and improve your immune system.

Unlike lifestyle and dietary factors, environmental Toxins are sometimes less controllable and can negatively impact your immune system.

Your body naturally detoxifies environmental toxins, but it’s important to support the detox process using diet, sweating through physical activity, and specific nutrient supplementation.


Lastly, let’s talk about your stress.  Do you ever get sick after a stressful work obligation, family obligation, a busy routine?  Stress encompasses a wide variety of factors that can tax your body mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Response to stress is a natural process it is designed to save your life in the short term.  But when left unmanaged, can have negative consequences.

Chronic stressors such as work anxiety, financial stress, taxed relationships, or even things you may not consider such as poor blood sugar control and inflammation can tip the scale to suppress your immune system.

Getting adequate sleep, not skipping meals, planning time off, and regular exercise can all have a positive alkalizing effect on your stress levels.

Your immune system is constantly working to protect you and with the proper tools it can continuously learn and adapt to keep you on top of your game.

You and your healthcare practitioner will develop a plan to assess and address these key factors to optimize your immune health.

Ask your healthcare provider about the Immune Foundations program to start feeling your best and prepare for what’s next.

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