Hey everyone, hope you are having an amazing week! During the COVID-19 crisis, I’ve seen close friends, family and patients become affected by this infectious virus.  I marvel at how this pandemic has changed our lives. The very psyche of the world somehow has shifted.  And I keep thinking how this world-wide pandemic crisis has shifted our perspective.  

I hope this perspective shift will elevate our souls to new and greater heights.  I know that for me and my business, it has proved to be an amazing opportunity to gain clarity. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Hot Yoga and own a Hot Yoga Wellness Center.  But due to the shelter-in-place order at the time, we had to close abruptly over night.  

We all sat glued to the news, and it took a while for me to process what was happening. But after the dust settled, we needed a way to find normalcy in such an abnormal situation. Now that we are back at the studio, I can’t help but to share just how much the in-person practice with our Yogis is improving my personal mental, emotional and physical health.

Practicing Hot Yoga

I can not overstate the benefits of Hot Yoga enough. The first time I tried the practice was when I was going through an autoimmune flare and wanted to help my kidneys, so I began with Bikram and was immediately hooked. Not only was it super challenging, but the invigorating feeling after the class became so addictive that I couldn’t stay away.  At our center, we have radiant, infrared heating, which is a soothing and energy-saving heat that has multiple health benefits. We also have a high-capacity humidifier with direct connection to the water source to prevent germs from accumulating.  The room is soothingly hot and humid, so the experience is intense but also invigorating.

For over a decade, I’ve been around the world to various Hot Yoga studios, craving the amazing benefits of Hot Yoga. I found that the heat and humidity are the most important, followed closely by the cleanliness and smell. So we’ve not held back on the best ventilation, heating panels and the humidifier at our center. During the shelter-in-place, I was not eating the healthiest simply because cooking every meal every day got old fast. ¬†After three months, partaking in the class had me realize just how beneficial our Hot Yoga is.

Alkaline Wellness Hot Yoga

Our carefully curated sequence that combines the best of Ashtanga and Bikram starts with a Yin practice focused on our breath and intention.  Then, it takes us through an invigorating Sun Saluations to warm up the body and continues with standing balance poses until we take it down to the floor.

On the floor, we make sure to stretch and strengthen the back and front and side to side. We also twist to get all the joints and muscles to contract, stretch and relax. You are dripping with sweat, heart rate elevated, asked to focus within while focusing on the breath.  Alignment and posture cues keep you challenged no matter how long you’ve been practicing.  

This hot experience will leave you with a boost in metabolism, detoxification and elimination. Baked into the sequence is the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal, and myofascial activation, stretch, contraction and relaxation affecting both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. So, you leave the class with the toxins from thoughts, feelings, foods and chemicals on the mat in the form of sweat.

It makes you feel like you’ve just completely reset your body in ways I can’t even begin to explain. The class is hard, focused, disciplined and relaxing all at the same time. The benefits extend beyond the mat as you leave the class renewed and replenished to take on the world.

Trying It Out

If you haven’t tried our form of Yoga, I encourage you to try it today. It’s the best experience that truly helps you to heal by helping you to boost your metabolism, detoxification and elimination. The benefits of Hot Yoga are endless.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Yogi, the ease and challenge is baked into the experience for the optimal Yin-Yang experience.  So call us today or check out our new class schedule to sign up. And don’t forget to join our free Facebook group, the Tribe of Alkaline Method Yogis, to make the most of your Yoga journey.

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