heart health

A Functional Approach to Heart Health

There are many risk factors for heart disease, including lack of exercise, poor diet, genetics, and smoking. And making healthier choices can protect you from cardiovascular diseases. Try incorporating these tips and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re looking after your heart. Make heart health your top priority. Eat a heart-healthy diet In functional medicine, […]

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stay in shape

How to Stay in Shape as You Age

The aging process is associated with a significant hormone decline, or “age-related hormone decline.” The hormone levels begin to drop around 30 years old. And by age 65, these levels may go beyond the lower limits of normal for healthy young individuals. You might then notice a reduction in muscle mass and strength, increased abdominal […]

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disease-related fatigue

Managing Disease-Related Fatigue

Disease-related fatigue can have a major impact in your life. Although fatigue is a common symptom of many chronic diseases, some people are reluctant to seek medical care. If left untreated, it can take a heavier toll on your physical and emotional well-being. There is a misconception that experiencing fatigue means your disease is getting worse. This is especially […]

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supplements for joint pain

Top 4 Supplements For Joint Pain

Everyone feel a little soreness in the shoulder or a twinge in the knee. But recent study shows that women are more affected than men. The CDC estimates that among 70 million Americans who suffer from arthritis and chronic joint symptoms, 41 million of whom are women. Some of the risk factors include hormone fluctuations and […]

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