Cait Patterson found yoga after the birth of her first daughter. Prior to pregnancy, she was a runner and lifted weights. Yoga gave her something she could do with her daughter. Her love for yoga quickly grew as she was able to do things she never imagined, like arm balances, balancing on one foot, and quickly getting back into shape!

Cait is currently enrolled in the Alkaline teacher training and is excited to learn more about yoga and share what she has learned. She has a passion for helping people get mobile, strong, and healthy. 

Cait started teaching at a physical therapy clinic in October 2018 and saw the need for well-educated instructors to help people post injury or surgery, and that has become her driving force behind getting certified from a great yoga school. 

When she isn’t teaching or practicing yoga, Cait is spending time with her husband, two daughters, and two rescue dogs. 

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