We’ve all heard about chakras. But what do we really know about the truth of what chakras are?

There’s a significant divide between the perception of chakras today vs how they were regarded in the Yogic history.  

Opening of the chakras requires a radical shift in consciousness, which is only possible through years of meditation. It’s not attainable with physical or emotional healing alone.

Yoga means meditation. It’s defined as the “negation of the dualistic thought processes of the mind.” (Yoga Sutra 1.2).

Here in the West, Yoga is practiced mainly as a physical practice (asanas) which is the means to attaining Yoga.

Chakra literally means “wheel” that revolves.  In Yogic literature, it refers to the seven vital centers in our subtle body, which is the body of life which lies under the physical body.  

Ayurvedic Medicine considers the imbalances or blockages of the chakras as the root of all disease.  Because of this, there are Reiki healers, body workers, essential oils, and/or herbalists who claim to balance the chakras from external influence into the body.

But it’s important to remember, in Yoga, it’s more about evolving into the deeper self than it is about healing.  Healing of course can be the side effect of the self realization and self work from the inside out.

This is very close in line with our philosophy at Alkaline Wellness.  We believe healing is an inside job.

The Journey Inward

According to the Yoga traditions, a normal human state does not promote transcendence except by sustained spiritual practice.  This implies that chakras remain closed in an ordinary human state.  The result of this is not disease so much as it is ignorance.  

This ignorance perpetuates our limited perception of reality, and living without this potential awareness of one’s true Self creates suffering in the physical body.  

Essentially, we are all missing the point of living into our true, higher, greater selves.  Living in this state of higher vibrational frequency allows for pure awareness without thoughts.

Even if our chakras are closed, many people can live healthy, balanced, mentally creative, and successful lives.  So the real purpose of opening up our chakras isn’t to be healthy in our limited existence as humans, but to go beyond the mortal presence to the immortal essence.

Primary and Secondary Roles of Chakras

As the force centered in the physical body, chakras are understood to be related to the various spinal centers which govern our physiological systems.  

However, the traditional Yoga views this physical influence on our physical body to be the secondary role of chakras.

Here in the West, we measure and study only what’s tangible.  But Eastern culture considers the unseen to have just as much influence in the body.

The subtle body is the subtle counterpart to the physical body. It’s our mind, our consciousness that constitutes our subtle body.  


In order for the chakra to come into function, it needs a higher source of energy than the physical body.  The Kundalini lies dormant in the subtle body.  

Kundalini is not a physical force nor is it an energy that one can manipulate.  Kundalini is only available when one is able to move beyond thought. 

The thoughts that we have every second, minute, and hour keep us from truly unlocking our kundalini.  

Because our lives are so identified with our physical, formed beings, in order to arouse the kundalini, we must leave ordinary consciousness and move into a state of samadhi. Samadhi is a transcendence, or the ultimate self realization.

In the West, there’s a tendency to name the chakras according to their physical location: crown chakra, heart chakra, naval chakra, sex chakra, and root chakra.  

While this is logical, it also confuses the chakras with the physical body. 

The more accurate way to name the chakras is after the elements that they rule: earth for the base of the spine, water for the urino-genital region, fire for the navel, air for the heart, ether for the throat, mind for the third eye, and consciousness for the crown chakra.

When the chakras are opened, we can experience the macrocosmic nature of these elements within our deeper awareness.

From the Physical Body to the Subtle Body

In order to bring the subtle body into function, the physical body must  be put into a state of balance.  This is why the practice of Yoga emphasizes the stillness of the mind through breath with movement.  

When you experience the opening of the chakra, there is detachment from the physical being or ego.  The awakening of the subtle body requires one to move beyond the physical body.

Each chakra can give an awareness of corresponding levels of the universe beyond the physical.  Once you begin to tap into your chakras, you begin to open up to your true essence, which then expands to all others.  

Opening of the chakras requires purity of body, heart and mind.  It cannot be done from the ego.  It requires one to be purified in the body and mind.

This is the reason why the ancient Yogis emphasized a healthy diet, abstinence, and the right attitude.  

When the mind and body are not aligned and purified for the chakra, it can cause an imbalance which results in over indulgence of physical urges, such as overeating or over drinking.  

Healers work to help with certain physical ailments. However, this has limitations because awakening the chakras or purifying the body is ultimately an inside job.

No external person, machine, or object can open your chakras for you.  Using herbs, oils, and certain diets can be helpful but this is still external support at best.  

The work required is the practicing of Yoga to bring about your own awakened state to evolve and grow to experience the truly enlightened state.

Self Healing Journey

This path that we are on is the Self Healing Journey that will ultimately allow you to realize the truth of who you are. This is because you are the most powerful being who controls your physical, emotional, and psychosomatic manifestations.  

This is the deep work that we are after. I hope you are on this path with us.

Thank you for watching and listening. 

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