Fall is officially here and the new season signals a fresh start. This is also a great time to cleanse and de-clutter every aspect of your life.

There are simple changes that you can make to feel focused and ready to take on the rest of the year.

At Home

How many of you have done anything about the toxins in your own homes? We use a lot of cleaning, personal care, and pet care products  which may sometimes contain harmful ingredients. Be sure to read labels and switch to greener ones that don’t damage your health and the environment.

At Work

Revisit your goals and see how much you’ve done already. This is a great time to get focused, know your priorities, and let go of unproductive habits for a more positive workplace.

Your Habits

Speaking of unproductive habits, all this R & R last summer can make you throw your routine out of the window.  I suggest re-evaluating your schedule and find out where you are spending most of your time on a daily basis. This will help you determine if you’re using your time wisely and adjust accordingly.

Your Diet

The fall produce – pumpkins, apples, figs, sweet potatoes, and herbs – is so bountiful. Stock up on these seasonal fruits and veggies and use them in your favorite dish. Cozying up with a bowl of soup will help you warm up on those chilly nights.

Moreover, drinking plenty of water and cutting down on alcohol and caffeine intake are good detox tricks. Or try a green smoothie instead – it’s tasty and will make you feel good from the inside out.

Need a little help? I highly recommend following the Alkaline Detox Protocol, a free webinar series to get you back on track and support your fitness goals.

What’s your favorite way of detoxifying this season? Share it in the comments below.

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