When struck with a disease that forces you to get your affairs in order, all knowledge and theory goes out the door.   Desperate for answers, I sought out experts to find solutions to reverse my disease and reclaim my life. Fear and doubt ruled my life as I sought out on my  healing journey.

I found strength, resilience, hope, and love along the way.  

Most importantly, I found that the answers were inside of me all along.

I discovered that our bodies are miraculous with an innate ability to heal.

All it needs is support.  My mission is to help as many of you get your health under your control.

From East to West, seeking out expert healers from all over the world, desperate to get better.

It was a rough beginning. From extreme hair loss to severe fatigue, this sickness struck me hard.

I was in and out of the emergency room with a growing list of medications, but NO answers. How can this be?

I had access to some of the best medical care. I was referred to a number of specialists trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

I couldn’t believe they had no answers, offered no solutions.

I was slowly dying inside, I grew weary, filled with fear and resentment.

I lost faith in the Medical System that I had so much respect for.


My family immigrated from Korea when I was 11 years old. Learning English as a second language and getting acclimated to the new culture as a pubescent young girl was not easy. I knew I had to work hard. I worked hard to be liked, to feel good enough, and to fit in. I was going to go places, achieve big things, and make my parents proud.

As a health nut, I chose to study nutrition in Graduate School and I was a semester away from graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy when Lupus struck my life with a fully charged lightning. I went from confident, proud, happy, and energetic young woman to a scared, sick, depressed, and weak Lupus patient within a year.

I was an obedient patient, just happy to know what I had, so thankful for those pills that would magically get me well. I was that patient who hung on every word that my Rheumatologist spoke. After my symptoms had settled to a point where I can function again and hair was growing back, I wanted a better solution than the meds that I was taking.

At the time, everything I read painted Lupus to be a life threatening disease. My boyfriend at the time broke up with me because of my disease. For the first time in my life, I experienced rejection. Lupus began to define me. I was broken, not good enough, and felt defeated.

As I slowly regained my energy, I sought out Eastern Medicine, Macrobiotics, got married, had my older son and relapsed into a flare so bad my Doctors thought I would potentially need dialysis. My feelings of being “broken” and hopeless began to slowly creep back into my narrative.


When Lupus begins to affect your vital organs, it means business. My Doctor sat my ex husband and I down and advised us against further pregnancies.

With my son, Brandon, just 15 months old, I was to stop breastfeeding immediately and get admitted to the hospital for a kidney biopsy and then chemo. So began my real fight with Lupus. Motherhood makes you tough. My battle wasn’t only for myself anymore, this tiger mom had her cub and family to protect.

I knew I had to get stronger to overcome the effects of chemo both nutritionally and physically. I enrolled myself for a 8 month intensive Pilates Training and researched various healing diets and foods that I can power up with.


As much as I hated it, my doctors, medications, and infusions saved my life.

During those months getting infused with chemo, I was busy fighting a war within my body. The meds weakened me, but I fought hard not to be defeated by the effects of chemo. 

So I got busy healing and supporting my body in every way I can.  I ate a healing diet, exercised, and prayed daily. I was fueled by the healing power of LOVE from my family and the love I was cultivating for my son Brandon.  

For the first time, I understood the dichotomy between Medical Care and Health Care. Medical Care aims to “treat” disease and Health Care is what we must do for ourselves every day to create health.


As a new mom, I NEEDED to get well and quickly realized that while the medications were “treating” my symptoms, it wasn’t helping me heal. So I fought to lower the dosage and get off the meds ASAP. I frustrated my Doctors as they kept insisting the need for medications to keep me alive. 

I also desperately wanted to have another baby against medical advice. I didn’t want to be told how to live my life. I began to seek out alternative practitioners from Functional Medicine to Eastern Medicine and everything else in between to help me regain control over my health and life.

I found that while all of them had good intentions and offered their “knowledge”, I realized that they couldn’t help me in the way I needed to be helped. I needed a day to day solution. Step by step, action by action guide to restore my health one day at a time. 

So I took the matter into my own hands.  


Not satisfied with the solutions that were provided to me from various Functional Medicine and Alternative Healing Doctors, I sought out to not only understand the theoretical knowledge, but to “apply” it to heal my own body. I immersed myself in Functional Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Macrobiotics, and various diets,  and applied everything I learned in my own body. I was my own guinea pig for everything that would potentially get me stronger.

I was able to have my second son, and a few health challenges along the way but worked through them all. I now have Lupus under control and live a productive life treating and helping patients just like myself everyday. 

Heal is a journey. Let me be the guide in your journey to your Destination Health.


After being shuffled from specialist to specialist, Dr. Connie not only helped me to feel understood, but also got me on a clear plan that not only got all my issues resolved, but allowed me to improve my relationship with my husband and my kids.  



Being humiliated for  years and Doctors brushing off my pain as post partum blues, Dr. Connie made me feel so comfortable and understood that I broke out in tears. I am not only pain free, but I am a better wife, mom and full of hope.  She is a true gift to all her patients.  



I came to Dr. Connie hopeless, scared, and frustrated.  All the Doctors prior to coming to Dr. Connie ( at least 5 specialists) gave me a growing list of medications as the only viable solution. Dr. Connie not only helped me with a new way to eat and move, but also got me off of all my medications. 






Movement is fundamental to optimal health.  It helps to detoxify, energize, and vitality to our lives.  


Our gut controls every system in our body.  It’s complex ability to protect against toxins, absorb nutrients, and fuel our brains is simply miraculous and one to pay attention to.  


Our brains are the control switch board for everything that we do, say, and think.  Master your mind and you’ll be in full control over your life and health.

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