sleepyFatigued? Your diet may be lacking these 5 important nutrients.

We are helping patients everyday overcome their fatigue through education and nutrition guidance. Here are 5 nutrients that your body may be lacking if you’re overcome with chronic fatigue.

    1. Glutathione 

An antioxidant that supports your immune system, fighting off infections and increasing your energy. Glutathione is necessary to properly absorb other much needed nutrients such as Selenium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. We see a depletion in Glutathione due to aging, stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

What to eat: 

Onions, Garlic, and cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Spinach, Cabbage.

2. CoQ10

Also known as Coenzyme 10, CoQ10 is known for supporting the metabolic process, and gives your body energy and vitality at the most cellular level. Your body may have a reduction in the amount of CoQ10 produced due to aging, prescription medication, and genetics. People with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart conditions can be seen having especially low levels of CoQ10.

What to eat: 

Yellow Tail, Tuna, Fish, Walnuts, Spinach, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Garlic, Cauliflower, and Onions

3. Vitamin C: 

Vitamin C is a familiar nutrient that is commonly associated with citrus fruits. This nutrient helps reduce the oxidative stress to the body and supports the body in helping to create ATP, dopamine, among many other things. It also protects the body against the damage that can be done to your body from free radicals.

What to eat: 

Turnip Greens, Kale, Red Cabbage, Berries, Kiwi, and Broccoli

4. Vitamin A:

Vitamin A deficiency is often seen in those who experience fatigue, dry skin, dry hair, digestive disorders such as IBS and night blindness. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin that often found in liver, eggs, and milk.

What to eat:

Sweet potato, Spinach, Kale, Eggs, and Chicken

5. Vitamin B

All B Complex Vitamins are essential: Biotin, Thiamin, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, B6, B12. These micronutrients help produce energy and metabolize carbohydrate, fats, and proteins. A lack of B vitamins can result in health concerns such as fatigue, heart disease, chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and depression.

What to eat: 

Dark leafy green vegetable such as Kale and Turnip greens, Salmon, Avocado, and Broccoli

Getting to the root of your health concerns can be a very long journey, especially when you have medical providers focusing more on the effects of your symptoms rather than the underlying cause. Functional Medicine is a practice that requires knowledge, skill, and proper application. Laboratory testing is offered through our team to give us the data needed to form a course of treatment that’s very specific to your condition. Labs offered include hormone panels, thyroid, saliva, stool, and comprehensive nutrition testing. Your results often pinpoint precisely where the imbalance is in your body, giving our team a clear cause and solution.

If you or your child is experiencing chronic pain, migraines, digestive issues, infertility, fatigue, lack of mental clarity, depression, anxiety, diabetes, or are suffering from inflammatory disorders such as lupus, or fibromyalgia, Functional Medicine may be the best place to start your path to optimal wellness.

Phone consultations and Skype appointments are now available with Dr. Connie Jeon. Let our team teach you how to master your body and regain your health. Visit or call 678-335-5566 to learn more and schedule your appointment today.

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