conflictI practice Hot Yoga (Bikram yoga) regularly, and had a thought during the class as my fellow yogis were engaging in the conversation about the Fast Diet.  One yogi did not agree with the yoga teacher touting and recommending the Fast Diet in class due to the risks involved with the method. Our teacher is a Russian woman. Culturally, she is very disciplined and can appear to be harsh in her mannerisms to most people.  The Yogi in class was following a moderate, healthy eating pattern and the Yoga Teacher is engaging in the Fast Diet twice a week. Quickly the conversation became more about defending their own view points rather than a diplomatic conversation about the two ways.

The reason I bring this up is that the two women are intelligent and logical women who were caught up with defending their way. This is the way most of us are.  We live in our boxes and become flustered when someone else imposes a new way of doing things. We immediately become resistant and wall goes up.  I got to thinking, if we can all just practice less judgement and letting go of all the ideology and dogmas, and instead embrace each other’s ways, we would not only have the best diet for ourselves but also learn to adapt to different ways easily.

vegetablesIn the realm of Healthy Diet and Lifestyle, we are constantly looking for the right groove that gets us where we want to be. I think it’s important to realize that sometimes, a fast won’t be a bad thing and eating healthy is of course the right thing for most people.  But I see a problem when people become too fixated in the new fad “way” of dieting or living.  Because we are organic creatures that constantly evolve and change, we have different needs at different times in our lives.  If we remain open and adhere to the fundamental principles of proper diet and lifestyles, then there is no way that we can go wrong.  It sounds so simple yet, I believe that today, the amount of information out there confuses everyone. When we are confused, we have a tendency to be more radical in our ways, such as adapting to extreme fad diets that really in essence teach us to force a new way about our habits.

I feel that if we can be more “aware” of our consciousness, we can solve sweetsthe problem of constantly “dieting” and really be in alignment with what our bodies need.  For example, if we happen to have more stress on a given day, naturally our tendency is to resort to sweet foods in our attempt to distress. This happens even when we logically know that it’s not a smart thing to do.  This is because we make most of our decisions based on our mercurial emotions, which change day by day and moment by moment.

If we can realize our patterns, then we can overcome them as opposed to if we don’t understand out behaviors, how can we course correct our patterned behaviors?  This is why diets are doomed for failures because rather the reprogramming our hardware, we try desperately to work on our will power, which sets us up for failure.

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