Hey everyone! I have an insatiable curiosity that keeps me constantly looking for better and more innovative ways to do my work.  I’ve always hated being average and striven for excellence all my life. I am becoming more obsessive about paying attention to details. But, I do struggle with eloquent communication to get my message across to you, my clients, patients, students and my team.

This pandemic turned my business upside down.  But it has been a cleansing time for it in the best way.  
I’ve had to re-establish my business, gain clarity on my vision and pivot my business in the direction that it needed to go for a very long time.

In every discipline or a field of study, I’ve felt a sense of incompleteness. So in my effort to answer my questions, I would begin a new study, explore new options and keep on becoming educated.  This used to feel very unproductive, as I felt like I was a jack of all trades, expert of none.

But today, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have studied Psychology, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Functional Medicine, Yoga, Pilates, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Ayurveda and many other continuing educations within each given discipline.

Acknowledging the Sum of the Parts

The field of health and medicine is becoming progressively more specialized:

  •  A doctor can be an expert in ear, nose and throat but not have much expertise to offer in orthopedics.  
  • A physical therapist could be skilled in orthopedics but might not have much to offer in women’s health.
  • A functional medicine doctor can try to figure out the root cause of your symptoms but can’t offer much in “showing” you how to implement the proper lifestyle.  
  • A Yoga teacher can teach a class but can’t tell you how to activate your muscles to minimize strain to your spine.
  • A  dietitian can tell you what foods to eat for your diabetes but won’t be able to teach you how to cook those meals.  

At the end of the day, we are a whole being; we don’t exist in parts.

Interconnecting the Body

All systems in the body are interwoven and interconnected in ways we cannot tear apart.  Too many variables, such as genetics, environmental factors, family history, lifestyle history, temperament, career, relationships, stress level, stress tolerance, resilience, past trauma, mindset, diet, lifestyle, willingness, affect our physiology.

There are too many layers that as an “expert,” the moment we think we “know,”  we don’t.

Let’s say you have a specific symptom, such as numbness and tingling of your hands and feet. An orthopedist will view it from orthopedic perspective. An ENT will look to your inner ear. A neurologist will consider your nerves. A physical therapist will consider you in the context of your movement. A dietitian will think you have nutrient deficiency. A Yoga teacher will tell you to do asanas.  You get my point.  

These professionals’ specializations limit them. Meanwhile, the client is passed from one expert to another, who all offer a linear perspective that may provide incremental results.

But if that was you, would you be content?  

The Systematic Errors

The very system is broken.  All systems in business, medicine, alternative medicine, etc offer a small segment of the big picture.  We are indoctrinated this way.

Look at politics. It’s left or right; there seems to be nothing in between.  Mask or no mask, open business or close, whatever you do half of the people will judge while others agree. Everything depends on where you stand.  A democrat will always see through the democratic filter and vice versa. They will “defend” their position and put up a fight.  

I’ve learned such is the case for all the fields of study that I’ve studied: psychologists, dietitians, physical therapists, doctors, functional medicine practitioners, yoga teachers, pilates, the list goes on and on. My unique position allows me to pull from all disciplines.  Finally after three decades, I realize it all comes down to the principles that stand the test of time. I’m seeing the whole world as the ecosystem, the internet, business, politics, social justice, enterprise, medicine, food chain, just about everything.  It’s all interconnected.

If this is the case, I realized that we must start with the big picture first when it comes to our health and longevity.

The Big Picture

I am determined to help redefine healthcare.  From sick care to healthcare we must begin to bridge the gap. We can be aware of the polarizing and linear views of each discipline that stands to defend their position.

As healthcare professionals, we must broaden our perspective and combine all aspects of our lifestyles, which include food for the mind and body; movements that include Yoga, pilates, cross fit, etc.; mindful practice of meditation or prayer depending on your religious background, which may be anchored in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim. Whatever your choice is, we must understand that it’s all about empowering us to gain mind body mastery, self mastery, health mastery and life mastery.

Yoga is a self-healing journey. It is the union of self to the infinite power.  We are all a part of the whole at the spiritual level.  It’s when we recognize this that we can rise and become the change we want to see in the world. We can become a world that is full of realized human beings who are unified in peace, joy and love.

Training That Will Empower You

I created the Functional Yoga Medicine Foundations and Mastery training that aims to help to empower and heal their clients and do meaningful work through the practice of Yoga.

Our Functional Yoga Medicine training is for the health professionals who are sick and tired of the contradictory information in the wellness and medical fields.

It’s for those who cannot quiet their inner calling to do more for their clients.  They realize that the plethora of polarizing and contradictory health information is destructive to our clients. These professionals want a clear, strategic path and want to move away from the temporary “tactics” of health.

They realize health is a journey, not a destination. And they want to help clients take charge over their health. These health professionals know deep within that no matter how much they know and provide the exact actions that their clients need to follow, the clients will be on a failure path if they are not anchored and aligned with their core vision on their health goals.  

Choose the Best Yoga Training

Approved by Yoga Alliance, our 200 hr Functional Yoga Medicine Foundations combines the wisdom and knowledge of physical therapy, nutrition, business and the art of healing. It teaches you ways that will catapult you to your highest potential as a true Functional Yoga Medicine practitioner.

We also have the next level Functional Yoga Medicine Mastery program, which is at the 500 hr with Yoga Alliance. It is equivalent to a MBA: functional medicine, physical therapy and nutrition training at the Masters level.

This is my way of redefining Yoga, FM, PT, Nutrition, Pilates and other holistic healthcare systems to distill the disciplines down into foundational principles of health. This training will anchor your knowledge so that you can be strategic about exactly what “results” you deliver for your clients. And in return, you will achieve your financial, health and life goals you set for yourself.  

It’s truly the only of its kind. We are forging forward a new path for those of you who realize the need for a integrative healing approach in our healthcare system. No more fragmented treatment approaches, you’ll have a complete system that can alter the trajectory of your clients’ health in ways they never envisioned before.  

Do you like what you hear?  We have an in-depth training on Yoga Mastery and Functional Yoga Medicine Foundations. In it, you can learn all about posture, alignment, core activation, our proprietary Alkaline Method ™ and so much more.  Click HERE to sign up today.  

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