As a chronic disease patient, I’ve searched East to West for holistic ways to reverse my condition.

Conventional medicine proved to be a dead end. “Managing” disease was not good enough for my life. I needed ways to break through in a big way to create optimal health.

But the truth is, no matter how good the holistic “tactics” or “modalities” may be, I ultimately had to learn to apply these tactics in my life for it to have impact.

For so long, I’d go from one holistic tactic to another, trying to fix my health crisis.  But if I’m being bluntly honest, I eventually realized that it wasn’t about the “tactics”.  

The tactics worked if applied, but the real question became “am I willing to apply these tactics in my life?”

At times I would pay tons of money to try a tactic, such as a certain diet that was supposed to cure me.  But even for a disciplined health junkie like myself, I was met with major resistance.

Inadvertently, I was sabotaging my own efforts by making excuses for myself.  My brain would convince me to change my mind, telling me certain tactics weren’t right for me.

I would tell myself “I’m a busy entrepreneur, there’s no way I can cook that way.”

Or “I have kids and have to make sure they are fed and there’s no way they would eat that way.”

“I have no time for journaling or meditation because I’ve got too much to do, too much on my mind.”

“There’s just no way I can do what she did because I don’t have the life and skills she has.”

This subtle voice in my head would go on and on to “justify” my thoughts on why I couldn’t do the thing I originally set out to do.

The Truth about Achieving Health

As an extensively trained medical professional who can guide you to your optimal health, I know that the problem isn’t “knowing” what to do.

The problem is actually LIVING the solution and DOING the thing that I recommend, and applying it in your life.

Most of you know generally what to do.  We all intellectually understand what we need to change to get the results we want.

What we all have problems with is taking ACTION and living the solution.

This resistance is the very thing we must reconcile not just once, but over and over again to enable us to get past the blocks we will encounter as we work toward our goals.

Any worthwhile endeavor will be met with RESISTANCE.  This resistance is our subconscious trying innocently to keep us exactly where we are.

Our brains prefer to seek pleasure, do what’s easy, and avoid pain.

Change is not pleasant. It’s hard and it can be painful.  But we both understand that momentary pain is worth avoiding a lifetime of pain.

This is the very change that we aim to make at Alkaline Wellness Center.

Functional Medicine as Lifestyle Medicine

We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.  Think a minute about who you spend your time with.  

If you are wanting to get fit or lose weight, those who you spend the most time with might resist your efforts because they don’t want to be exposed by your health endeavors.

We at Alkaline Wellness want to create a community of like minded individuals who aim to become the healthiest versions of themselves. 

This is because making changes becomes easier when surrounded by those who share your ambitions.

Health takes effort but once the initial threshold of discomfort is pushed through, you’ll have a much easier time taking strides forward.

You’ll have community, accountability, and support to make this process so much easier.

When healthy actions become habits, you’ll forever be transformed.

Health feels good. But achieving health cannot happen by just talking about it. 

You must DO the work and take action for it to be achieved.

Alkaline Lifestyle Medicine

Your health is intimately connected to your lifestyle choices. In order for lasting changes to take place, we must modify our lifestyles.  

So rather than following the conventional medical model of consultations and prescriptions, we wanted a way to have you become part of our movement.

Typically, for functional medicine, a patient is first scheduled for an initial consult, and this costs $349-$650 depending on who you’re seeing.

Then there’s specialty labs that can cost $500- $3,000.

After, you’re asked for a follow up visit to discuss the labs, which costs $349- $650

Then you are prescribed a plan and asked to follow up every 3 months.

I was previously a patient following this functional medicine model, and after $3000 and only two visits, all I was given was hormones and lab results.

The Doctors didn’t convince me that they knew what they were doing because they looked stressed and sick.

This is what lead me to go through the board certification in functional medicine to figure out a better way.  I met many physicians who were seeking better answers.

But the problem was that we are taught to charge fees for services and spend longer time with patients, digging rabbit holes to discover the root cause of their condition.

There’s a time and place for this, but I began thinking of ways to cut costs, have more impact, and deliver results to my patients.

So we’ve created a functional medicine membership model where you as the patient would receive much more than just a visit, plan, and follow ups.

We provide you with a clear lifestyle prescription where we “show” you how to live the solution.

Functional Medicine Wellness Paths

We believe healing is an inside job and it’s a progressive journey.  You all have different needs, so we created various PATHS to suit your needs.

Based on your symptoms or condition, you’ll follow one of our wellness paths, which involves the modalities specific to the treatment of your symptoms.

Our paths are:

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Immune – Autoimmune
  • Gut Restoration – Gastrointestinal
  • Brain – Neurological
  • Cardio Metabolic
  • Weight Loss and Metabolic Reset
  • Physical Dysfunction
  • Beauty – Anti aging

If you’ve been searching for a comprehensive approach that will truly transform your health, stay tuned for more information on our wellness paths.

Alkaline Transformation 2020

We also have our Alkaline Transformation 2020 program for a fraction of the cost where we meet on a weekly basis and show you how to live the solution.  

Click HERE for more information and to get started today!

We take flex spending/Health Savings Account for all our services so what’s there to lose?

As always, thank you for reading. We want to help you make 2020 your healthiest year yet.

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