Growth Delay

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If you are concerned that your child is not growing at a rate that seems normal, there are options for you.

Your child may not be sleeping enough to produce enough growth hormones, as growth hormones are produced in the pituitary gland when kids are in a deep sleep. With so much exposure to technology, lack of physical exercise, and poor dietary habits, kids are mentally overstimulated and unable to get a sound night of sleep. Optimally, they should be getting 9.5 to 12.5 hours of quality sleep per night to produce enough growth hormones to be metabolically sound.

They also need a healthy dose of micronutrient dense foods to supply their growing bodies, as their cells replicate twice as fast as adults. We at Alkaline Wellness Center have various treatment protocols and programs available to help you to promote restful sleep for your child.

  • Thorough sleep
  • Dietary diary to evaluate the needs of your child
  • Micronutrient Testing to ensure that they are getting enough of essential nutrients.
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Alkaline Food Plan
  • Alkaline Recipe Guide
  • Behavior Modification
  • Holistic Supplement Guide to ensure replenishment
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