As a Physical Therapist, I share a personal space with my patients when treating them. Over time, found that each patient brings their own set of expectations, fears, and perceptions to the table.  The visit with me to facilitate healing only begins when our rapport and understanding is reached.  With this being said, I find that many patients hold to their pain so tightly, that crossing that threshold is very difficult.  As we establish a clear care plan, expectations, and commitment for the duration of my care, and we both commit on that level, we are able to accomplish miraculous results.  This special space that we share has much to do with our “intentions” for the goal in mind. We all possess a “gut instinct” to read someone’s “energy,” either negative or positive.  When the clinician and patient establish a connection, they can then work together successfully.  This is the most joyful aspect for me in my profession.  It’s one that many of us don’t get anymore in our current medical system.

The complex cascade of biochemical reactions that occurs in the body when one is able to “connect” on some level with their provider initiates the process for their body to heal.  I can then apply my skills, advise them, make recommendations, and finally transform their bodies to be balanced again.

I learned that there are much needed substrates and enzymes that require specific minerals and vitamins that most of us lack in our diet.  At the cellular level, if we lack these essential components, we end up with dysfunctional processes, ultimately leading to to disease.  Initially, begin with symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, weakness, depression, a neurological deficit that no doctor can explain, gut issues, and so much more. In the conventional medical system, many of my patients are placed on various medications (anti-depressants and pain medications), or prednisone that only catapults the body into further into acidity/toxicity.

A paradigm shift needs to occur in this regard. Looking at the basic functions of the body at the cellular level, the Kreb cycle, energy transport, electron transport, oxidative phosphorylation, and respiration all give you an indication of how hard your body is constantly working.  When these systems are not running properly, it takes careful analysis and expertise to correct and balance each of these biochemical pathways. We need specific vitamins and minerals in the “therapeutic” dosage to really take care of the culprit of the dysfunction.

For the patients with the above symptoms, what typically happens is that they go through multiple, expensive testing, such as MRI, NCV/EMG testing, Pet/CAT scans, blood tests, only to find no significant results.  They are placed on various medications to reduce the “symptoms” and continue dragging their feet through life.  For some of us, we continue until our bodies reach a genetic threshold and are diagnosed with Parkinsons, MS, Cancer, Alzheimers , Lupus, RA, Colitis, Autism, etc.  The truth is we are dealt a deck of cards in life (our genetic make up), and its is how we play these cards that our genes get up regulated or down regulated until we reach the “threshold.” What really baffles me is that most of my patients are so happy when they are given the diagnosis, because they feel like now they know what to do.  I don’t know about you but with the Obama care in full force and effect, the medical system is a mess!  I don’t want to subject myself to this messy system. My vision for my practice is to educate and empower you to take charge and climb to the top. This concept is often outside comfort zone, but to me, the alternative is not so promising.

We are able to offer you a comprehensive functional nutrition evaluation with specific tests to really target and aim for that perfect nutrient balance. We ensure you have all the pieces to the puzzle so all you have to do is thrive.

Find out how you can start, ask for consultations today!


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