As a chronic illness patient with an autoimmune condition, I have a unique perspective on the realities of our “healthcare” system.

To go from health to disease felt like an overnight ordeal, especially for someone who believed she was doing everything to maximize her health.

When struck with debilitating symptoms that caused my life to come to a screeching halt, I lost all confidence.

As a result, I looked to my Doctors to guide me in managing my symptoms.  

I was told that I had an incurable, potentially life threatening disease.

A disease which causes a smoldering fire of inflammation, so much so that it can spiral out of control fast.

The Doctors told me that I had to be on corticosteroids and various immune suppressing drugs to keep my Lupus under control. 

When I was acutely affected by symptoms, the medications sounded like a good idea, as I was desperate to regain my life back to the way it was.

Managing symptoms was a priority at the onset. However, as months and years went by I began to question the consequences of toxic interventions.

Even when all my symptoms were under control, my doctors emphasized that I needed to be on the meds to prevent flares.

Personally knowing what I knew about human physiology, I didn’t see how that would help me long term.

This is because the side effects of such interventions would guarantee other symptoms and diseases.

Your Disease is Not a Life Sentence

I knew I needed a better way so I got busy finding alternative ways to heal my body.

Methods I used included Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition Therapy, Yoga/Pilates, and of course reading lots of books and changing my mindset regarding my condition.

Ultimately, I realized that our bodies have a miraculous way to heal if given the condition to thrive. 

But creating this condition begins with changing our beliefs about our condition and cultivating faith that you will heal.

This will allow you to take the actions to shift your body chemistry and physiology to become stronger.

All this is an inside job. 

I see so many patients give their power away to the Doctors and the prognosis they give, which is based on their training on disease.

For example, I see many Lupus patients who identify with their disease so much so that it creates limitations. 

Their lives play out the way their Doctors predict it will because they allow their Doctors in their prognosis for their disease.

Healing Requires a Mindset Shift

Truth is that you can absolutely change your own physiology.  The most important factor in doing so is your mindset.

Henry Ford said it best. “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you are right.”

Once the mindset shifts and your perception of your condition changes from impossible to possible, then your actions will follow to accomplish and create health in your body.

Over time, your body begins to align with your perceptions and your chemistry shifts to one of healing vs perpetuation of disease.

I recently watched a powerful movie that validates the mind’s role in healing.

It’s called HEAL on Netflix, I highly recommend you watch it.

Our healthcare system today is broken.  Its main focus is on disease not health.

So I encourage you to begin taking responsibility for your own health. 

No matter how well trained a heath professional may be, they can only provide their guidance.

The work can only be done by you.  Healing is truly an inside job.

Start doing things everyday that will help you to achieve your best health. 

Of course, that includes coming to our Yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes.

Or by seeking help from our Alkaline team to nudge you in the right direction.  

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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I will see you next week.

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