Thank you again to those of you who made it to our one year anniversary event this past weekend.

It’s super exciting to get closer to the ultimate vision for our wellness center.  My frustrations as a chronic disease patient led me to create the center that we are today.

There are many holistic options available to patients today. 

From Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Yoga, to Functional Medicine, as a patient seeking alternative options, it can all be overwhelming.

I’ve tried them ALL!  They all have their place, but the most important thing is that it needs to resonate with you so you can commit to it.

Reversing disease or recovering from symptoms is hard.  

And as we look to setting goals for the new year, I want to encourage you to set yourself up for success.

One Stop Holistic Wellness

I’ve worked long and hard to create the ultimate wellness center that offers so many effective modalities under one roof.  

It’s a challenge to piece meal such modalities on your own.  

Many of us try anything and everything to feel better, and as a result we end up trying various things for a short while. So we don’t really know if something has truly made an impact.

Here’s what I’ve tried in my efforts to reverse my autoimmune condition:

  • Acupuncture, to help me to balance my energy in my body
  • Functional Medicine, to help me to get to the root cause
  • Supplements and various herbals, to fill the gaps in my nutrition
  • Ayurveda, to figure out my Dosha
  • Macrobiotics, to help me to heal my gut
  • Meditation, and I’m still learning to meditate
  • Yoga for over 25 years, and my practice has evolved from unsafe to completely safe
  • I’ve eaten healthy for as long as I remember and continue to evolve my cooking and dietary plan to meet my needs as I get older

All of these modalities helped me to get closer to my goal and become the healthiest version of myself.  I still apply them and it’s what’s worked for me.

All I want to do is share what works from a patient perspective as well as a clinician perspective.

Because of my efforts, I can say that I’m truly healthy today.  

This is a big accomplishment because of how sick I’ve been along my self healing journey.

Mindset is Most Important for Healing

I’ve learned from my personal healing journey as well as from helping my patients in the last 20 years that the most important predictor of success is the patient’s mindset.

The willingness to be uncomfortable and the commitment to go through the difficult times is key.  More importantly, it’s the belief that they will get better.

Because any worthwhile endeavor, especially when it involves your health, will be difficult and your brain will for sure resist by telling you to give up.

Understanding your thinking tendencies is key to getting through the tough times.

Because if you can endure and come through such obstacles, the hard work pays off for you to enjoy the healthier version of yourself.

Health is fundamental to your happiness and livelihood.

If I can achieve my health goals, I feel anyone can.

Alkaline Transformation 2020

If you’ve been struggling with various health issues or live with a chronic condition, I want to work with you.  I have a no BS approach to patient care because it’s what works.

We are piloting the Alkaline Transformation 2020 membership program where we meet as a group every week for ongoing coaching on living the alkaline life.

It’s Functional Medicine, Physical Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, and coaching all in one.  

We will cover different topics to apply to help you to not only shift your mindset but your overall behavior.

Join us for a successful health transformation.  Click here for more information and to sign up today.  

Alkaline Wellness Packages

Healthcare is failing and for many of us, we are healthy until we are not.  That’s really how it works.  

Deductibles are high and often the Physicians are busy pushing a pill for every ill because they are trained to detect and treat disease, not optimize health.

It’s an expensive system, but ineffective for those of us looking to be as healthy as we can be.  

Most of you know Functional Medicine but many of you don’t know what it’s all about.  Think of Alkaline Functional Medicine as Lifestyle Medicine that gets you from sick to healthy using holistic approaches.  

This includes dietary intervention, specialty testing, supplement-herbal prescription, movement prescription, and sometimes medication recommendations to help you to zap the symptoms for good.  

Acupuncture is also a holistic modality that is extremely effective at getting you closer to your health goals. 

We now have an amazing practitioner, Dr. Han, who offers acupuncture a la carte as well as part of the Alkaline Wellness Package.

Nutrition Therapy

As a Registered Dietitian who was trained in the 90’s, there is so much outdated and often contradicting information that is creating so much confusion for patients and consumers.  

Nutrition is using food as medicine and it looks different based on your body type, health history, and lifestyle you lead.  We included this as part of our wellness package as well.  

Physical Therapy

I hate seeing physical therapy as a commodity. 

At Alkaline, we are all about efficiency, effectiveness, and delivering results.  We are able to get the most complex patients feeling better in the shortest amount of time.

We have many other techniques and modalities that we include, so please click here to learn more and commit to you health.

Health is wealth and it’s the smartest “investment” you’ll ever make.

Have questions?  Email or call us at 678-335-5566.

Thank you for tuning in.

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Talk soon.

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