pillsI believe medical practices here in the states are monkey business.  Just recently, I’ve had more than 5 patients who are suffering from various ailments, and 100% of them on anti-depressants, cholesterol lowering agents, pain medications, and oh here is the common one, beta blockers.  The thing is, most of the patients did not know why they are taking these medications or what effect it had on their physiology.  They do as they are told.  The sad truth was that they were told from their various doctors that they are preventive. Preventative medicine is not taking prescriptions, it is eating well, exercising, and following a healthy lifestyle.

Which brings me back to the focus of my blog today.  Don’t get sick, be well and healthy. This should be your primary goal.  Don’t subject yourself to the diagnosis and the medical intervention that we’ve put our faith on for so long because, because as living proof, this is failing.

I was also recently at my rheumatologists office for a check up at  7 am.  Of course I went a week ahead to get my labs only to find that the wrong labs were ordered. 4 hours into my waiting period at the office, thewaiting doctor realized they were the incomplete labs so I had to be pricked again.  What’s worse was that during my 4 hour wait period, no one bothered to take my vitals, so they stopped me on my way out to take more time away from my life to take the vitals.  I was beyond disappointed.  This doctor is a good friend and I do respect her, but that does not eliminate the terrible experience.  I decided this day that I will not be sick again.

Here’s to a healthy you! Take charge of your health. It starts with you deciding to be healthy.  Remind yourself there is no other way. Your health determines your happiness, and once it’s gone, its only a hard uphill battle.  I invite you to comment and if you want more information on how to’s, I invite you to visit my website, alkalinewellness.com

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