As many of you know, I live with a chronic autoimmune disease, Lupus.  19 years ago I thought I had to give up on my future because of my failing health.

As I reflect back on my journey with Lupus, I realize I never overcame my disease. Rather, I’ve learned to accept it and change the trajectory of this potentially life threatening disease.

I’ve experienced three potentially life threatening flares involving my kidneys and I live today with a goal of never having another flare again.

So everyday I commit to my health and take action and responsibility for it.

The Creation of Alkaline Wellness

I created a business from the frustrations I personally had.  Traditional Chinese Medicine was a god send for me 19 years ago when no western medical doctors had answers for me other than meds.

Then Functional Medicine attracted me 10 years ago because it provided me with hope of finding a true cure for my disease.

Yoga provided me with a place to get stronger physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Pilates provided me with the foundation to activate my “core” musculature and improve my posture, which was life changing for me.

All the continuing education provided me with modalities to take care of my patients better.

One Stop for All Your Healthcare Needs

It’s taken over 15 years of preparation, experimentation, and clinical application to understand what I understand today.

I finally feel like we are on the path to creating the one place for comprehensive healing where we empower you to take control over your  health.

A one stop, healthy lifestyle solution center where we practice what we preach.

I’ve brought together all the modalities that I’ve personally used to successfully create my own health.

From sick to health, it can be a daunting journey.  Our goal is to provide you with simple, easy to follow lifestyle applications that put you in charge over your health.

Our so called healthcare system is failing us today.  I know because I’ve gone through all that it has to offer.

With high deductibles, increasing copays, and monthly dues, it’s becoming an ineffective system that we all should work to stay out of.

So we’re creating a truly revolutionary healthcare system at Alkaline Wellness where you can learn all that you can to shift your body Alkaline and find balance from within.

Our Philosophy

We believe movement is medicine for Physical Health.

We believe food is medicine for Gut Health.

We believe mindfulness is medicine for Brain Health.

We believe when all three pillars are aligned, there can be no disease.

With emphasis on empowering you, we’ve got a comprehensive solution for your specific needs.

Our Services

To promote physical health, we provide physical therapy memberships that are more affordable than your typical copays and deductibles.

Our physical therapist will evaluate the whole body by addressing the dynamic and static states to ensure that all joints are properly aligned for optimal movement and efficiency.

To promote gut health, we believe in eating foods that nourish us, as well as being able to indulge in those comfort foods that we love.

We don’t believe in diets, we believe in a balanced approach that is simple and easy to follow.

From symptoms management to weight loss, we provide individualized meal plans, support, accountability, and guidance through the process to shift your body Alkaline.

To promote brain health, we provide guidance on what you can do everyday to shift your mind to a positive, alkaline state. Our mind is our ultimate control system that impacts every system in our body.

Every service that we offer at our center is everything I’ve applied directly for healing my Lupus.

We’d like to extend the gift of health to you so that you can rest assure that your health will never fail you.

Come join us today.

Email us at or call 678-335-5567.

We hope to see you soon!

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