Most of us know that meditation can provide tons of benefits, but how many of us are actually able to sit and meditate without becoming distracted by our thoughts?

Truth be told, Meditation is hard.  But we have a solution!  

Our training program, using HeartMath technology, uses a feedback mechanism so that you can learn meditation as a skill.


We have so many devices, apps, media outlets, and information fighting for our attention every single day.   Most of us are addicted to this vicious cycle of checking our devices so much so that we live in a state of overwhelm.

Overwhelm promotes a stress response in our body.  What’s worse is that we then get stuck in information paralysis.

Media consumption disrupts our creative cycles and wrecks havoc on our ability to focus and stay productive in our lives.

Our brain controls all functions of our bodies.  It works like a computer. When we have too many apps and windows open, our computer slows and freezes, right?

The only thing to do is to shut down the computer and reboot.  Our bodies are the same. We need a reset of our nervous system to balance.

Meditation allows you to reset your body and mind to allow for healing.


The heart and the brain are in constant communication with each other because they work intimately together. Thoughts, which develop in your mind, cause the brain to send messages to all parts of the body, including the heart. The heart is where we feel our emotions. Emotions such as fear, frustration, love, compassion and anger are just vibrations in the body.


When our heart and brain are in sync, the body is known to be in a state of coherence. Coherence is a psychophysiological state in which our mental, emotional, and bodily processes are working together in harmony. Achieving a state of coherence is absolutely necessary for healing to occur. HeartMath allows us to measure this coherence.


We are all familiar with the feelings of stress or frustration: fast heartbeat, shakiness, shallow breathing, etc. When measuring heart rate variability using an electrocardiogram (ECG), these feelings create a pattern characterized by jagged, irregular waves.

This represents incoherence.

When we are in a stressful state, the heart sends an emotional response to the brain to reflect these negative feelings. The brain then triggers a biochemical response in the body to match these negative feelings. In essence, you can trigger or perpetuate disease solely on your emotional state. On the other hand, experiencing positive emotions, such as appreciation, allows us to be in a state of coherence. The heart wave is much more organized, regular, and smooth.

When we experience positive emotions, the heart vibrates in a certain way to communicate positively with the brain. The brain then creates a biochemical response in the body that is much more conducive to healing.


When working with one of our HeartMath Certified Practitioners, you’ll learn the fundamentals of meditation and various breathing techniques. In doing so, you’ll learn to disconnect from the external world and help your mind take a seat in your body.

After becoming familiar with meditation itself, we’ll use a biofeedback technology to monitor your heart rate variability, which will allow you to see whether you are in a state of coherence or not. You’ll learn various techniques for quickly achieving coherence in moments of stress.

Overtime, being in a state of coherence will become a way of life for you and your body will always be shifted into a healing mode.


Improved cognitive function- attention, focus, listening

Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety

Reduced feelings of depression

Improvements in rapid heartbeat

Decreased fatigue

Decreased muscle tension

Improvements in sleep, indigestion, and heart burn

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