I believe many of us struggle with inflammation.

Aging itself is inflammatory.  And all diseases, at the root, are due to inflammation.

Inflammation can be sneaky.  It can creep up on you slowly over time to cause insulin resistance, a spike in blood pressure, weight gain, arthritis, and aches and pains.

Low grade inflammation is what causes us to become suboptimal in our health.  

Those with low grade inflammation experiencing various symptoms are typically below the threshold of disease. Many Doctors can’t diagnose these issues until it becomes a full blown disease.  

We see lots of lives being affected by inflammation.

Many end up with autoimmune conditions, diabetes, cancer, and various other conditions.  The only medical solution for these conditions is a band aid approach at best, by providing a pill for every ill which ultimately worsens inflammation over time.  

What Causes Inflammation?

Inflammation is marked by certain markers such as Sed Rate, CRP, and homocysteine levels. 

Obvious inflammation causes redness, swelling, and fever, but chronic inflammation may go undetected for years until you’re diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, or autoimmune conditions.

Inflammation is caused by leaky gut. 

Because our gut is our bodies’ first line of defense against the outside world, our gut is prone to many attacks from toxins in the form of poor quality foods, stress, medications, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. 

Constant contact with these toxins causes gaps in our gut lining so much so that toxins can more readily enter our bodies. 

Our bodies know these toxins aren’t supposed to be there, so it triggers an immune response to fight these invaders.

This is a healthy, normal response to foreign invaders in the body, but the issue arises when these toxins are consistently flooding our bodies (because of leaky gut) and inflammation never has a chance to come back down.

Stress itself can cause leaky gut which leads to inflammation over time.

It’s the small, progressive offenders overtime that can wreak havoc in our health.

Our diet is the primary way inflammation can set in and get worse over time.

The quality of our food supply today is not as pure as it could be. Also, we as hosts are not as resilient as we once were.

So in order to defend yourself against inflammation, you must strengthen the barrier to entry and tighten the gaps in your gut.

Healing Your Gut

Every holistic intervention considers gut health as the foundation for restoring and maintaining overall health. 

Many clients “want” to lose weight and get rid of symptoms, but subconsciously they are not ready to change their dietary habits.

But in order to heal from chronic inflammation and potentially reverse disease, one needs to shock the body into shape by doing something drastic to RESET the body.

To do this, we recommend eliminating every potentially inflammatory food from your diet.

We recommend strict adherence to an elimination diet for at least 28 days.  By following this diet alone, you will feel drastically better. Download a copy of our Alkaline elimination diet guide HERE.

After the elimination diet, you want to carefully reintroduce these foods back into your diet, one food group at a time to find out which foods you are sensitive to.

If you need more assistance, we highly recommend our comprehensive plan we call Alkaline Detox Protocol to drastically shift your body.  

You can find more information about the Alkaline Detox Protocol HERE.

What Can You Expect From an Anti-Inflammatory Plan?

You will lose weight, mostly body fat. Also, water retention will improve drastically to enhance metabolism, detoxification, and digestion.  

You can expect freedom from all your symptoms such as weight gain, brain fog, low energy, and general pain.

We have so many success stories and have helped thousands of patients nationally for over a decade.

Click HERE to find out more and sign up today!

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