Jessica Gilreath

Meet Jessica Gilreath!

Jessica is our eclectic collector of knowledge and experience. She has a Bachelors of Science in Human Services and Counseling from Point University, Certified Addiction Counselor Degree (CAC-II) from Mercer University, she has her Classical Pilates Teacher Training Certificate from Reformation Pilates, she is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in therapeutic massage, and is currently enrolled in our 200hr Alkaline Yoga Teacher Training Program.  


Jessica is a specialist in the healing arts. She has worked alongside many talented health professionals during her life and feels that she has the gift of accepting others exactly where they are and coming alongside them as they travel the road of happy destiny together.


Jessica is currently teaching Pilates and offering Therapeutic Massage at Alkaline Wellness while she concurrently completes the 200hr Alkaline Yoga Teacher Training.  Jessica is a natural leader with a kind heart full of love and life experience. It is her passion to help others on their journey of self discovery and radical acceptance.  She is a brilliant communicator, believes in the value of connectedness and inclusion, and is always learning and growing her skill set so that she can give it all away!

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