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Katelyn graduated from Georgia State University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy (2018), following graduating from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (2015).  

Through school, Katelyn worked as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a graduate research assistant.

Katelyn always knew that physical activity and total body wellness were her passions. Katelyn aspires to use her knowledge and passion to educated others and help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.  It is never too late to make a change! 

To fulfill her potential to achieve her goals of helping others achieve pain free movement and an overall healthy lifestyle, Katelyn has further her education through getting rehab-based Pilates trained through Polestar.

Katelyn plans to get Alkaline Yoga Certified, to offer a comprehensive and unique approach to patient care.


Hello, I'm Katelyn Corbin

I love to be active: walking with friends is my favorite hobby, along with yoga, Pilates, or any group fitness class!

I love to move and I absolutely love to motivate others to be active. My life goal is to improve people’s quality of life by helping them achieve pain free movement.

Health, family, work-life balance means a lot to me.  I am the youngest of three siblings and I am thankful for all the love and support of my family and friends.  

I love to travel, learn, and grow.


I am slightly hyper active. I like to wake up before the sun and get the day started with some good ol’ coffee and activity!

Basic information

Personal Details


  • Bachelor of Science Exercise Science- University of Georgia, 2015
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy- Georgia State University, 2018
  • Polestar Certified Pilates Instructor
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Specialized in Post Rehab Training
  • Gary L. Soderberg Doctor of Physical Therapy Visionary Award (2018)
  • GSU Physical Therapy Achievement Award (2018)
  • GSU Research Award (2018)
  • Podium Presentation at CSM (2018)
  • Alpha Eta Student Research Award (2017)

Location: Alkaline Wellness Center

Email: katelyn@alkalinewellness.com

My strengths

Health and Wellness

I love anything related to health and wellness.  I am constantly learning and never pass down an opportunity to learn and grow.


One of my strengths is my ability to speak with just about anyone.  I love people and I love especially  helping others to be their best.  


I love to travel!  There's so much to see and so much to experience and I plan to spend my time exposing myself to various cultures.

Guiding with Heart

I do fear the Lord and it's important for me to work with integrity in all that I do.  I know that I will be treating you with humility and respect.


My Studies

August 2018 - ONGOING

Alkaline Physical Therapist

Alkaline Wellness

Hired as the Lead Physical Therapist at Alkaline Wellness Center.  Looking forward to incorporating my background and knowledge in Pilates and Personal Training to help patients promote a speedy recovery.

MAY 2016 - present

Personal Trainer

Stat Wellness

Training various clients around the greater Atlanta region with Stat Wellness.  

Certified Personal Trainer


Comprehensive training on Personal Training which provided me with the ability to begin to work with clients on their fitness goals.

OCTOBER 2015 - May 2018

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Georgia State University

Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy.  Coursework included extensive anatomy, physiology, chemistry, manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, trigger point dry needling, pregnancy/postpartum, and much more. 

AUGUST 2011 - MAY 2015

B.S. in Exercise Science

University of Georgia

Rigorous course work for Baccalaureate of Exercise Science Coursework included: Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, and Interpersonal Communication.