Who’s in charge?

As someone who lives with chronic disease, I strongly believe our health is our responsibility.

The line between health and disease is thin and can closer than you think.

Healing is an inside job.

You’re in Control

Any practitioners we seek within or outside the convention will get you limited results.

Why?  Because you’ve got to show up and take action.

You’re in good hands if you meet a practitioner who can provide you with a clear map of how to get to your destination.

They’ll get you committed and provide you with a clear path to follow.

They set clear expectations on what to do.

Root Cause is Overrated

If you are seeking a Functional Medicine Practitioner, you’re likely struggling with your health.

Functional Medicine as a practice focuses on getting to the “root cause”.

But what if I told you the root cause for your symptoms is as simple as a pH imbalance in your body?

You have a choice to do expensive testing after testing to get to the “root cause”, or help restore your body first and then see where the dust settles.

Get to Work

The symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, aches, and pain comes from your body being overburdened by toxins.

Your body is highly acidic.

Toxins are released with our normal metabolic process.

However our bodies are burdened excess coming from the toxins and bacteria that reside within as well as new toxins that enter through our leaky gut from our diet and the environment

Key is to make sure that our body  works effectively and and efficiently to neutralize those toxins and remove them via our kidneys and liver.

House Analogy

Our bodies are likened to our home.

If we have a mosquito infestation due to the open windows, we need to do three things.

  1.  Close the windows.  (Restore our Leaky Gut)
  2. Get rid of the mosquitos in the home ( Detoxify)
  3.  Clean the remnants of the dead mosquitos.  (Clean)

More often than not, if we can restore the “whole” body rather than focus on the “parts”, then we will be able to successfully restore our body.

Once your body shifts into an “ALKALINE” state, it’ll do what it does best, “HEAL”.

Digging for the “root cause” becomes arbitrary.

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