As a devoted practitioner and teacher, Kelly uses an intuitive and organic approach within Yoga’s asana, pranayama and meditative practices to create a safe, open and relaxed space for exploration. By guiding students on the mat through intelligent sequencing and attention to the flow of the breath, her intention is for each student to gain access to the ever present internal state that Yoga informs. She hopes to inspire each student to connect to their own unique inner teacher and exquisite divine nature. With a personal practice of 15+ years and Yoga Alliance certified through Peachtree Yoga Center, via mentor Graham Fowler, Kelly is devoted to empowering others and sharing her passion for Yoga and its healing alchemy. She often uses this quote in relaying her love of the sacred practice of Yoga…” the melody of the mind, the rhythm of the body and the harmony of the Soul create the symphony of life”. This is what she hopes to cultivate through her teaching.

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