Low Back Pain

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Low back pain is a very common problem in society; it's estimated that 80% of people have experienced it.

While this means that it is fairly normal to have low back pain, it is not normal or necessary to have to deal with this pain on a regular basis. Short-term low back pain that does not resolve within a few days can be managed effectively by initiating exercises and stretches to support and stabilize the lumbar spine (also known as the low back). Here at Alkaline Wellness, we have special hands-on techniques that will help to alleviate the debilitating pain coming from your lower back. We can develop an exercise regimen for you that will get the proper muscles firing and supporting you again. We take a comprehensive approach to your healing to ensure that you have core stability, picture perfect posture, assist you in healthy weight loss, and provide you with manual therapy to make sure that you don’t have low back pain again.

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