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How Toxic Are You?

Did You know.....

  • More than 6 Billion pounds of Chemical Toxins are released into the environment
  • Toxins Enter Our Bodies Through The FOODS, AIR, and our SKIN.
  • Poor Diet = Poor Nutrient intake = Inability to self DETOXIFY

We Need To:



We need to remove all toxins and pathogens that are ACIDIC to our body.   In order to "safely" detox the toxins out of our cells, we need to supply it with essential nutrients to neutralize toxins, protect our cells, and remove the pathogens SAFELY.  


Our gut lining is our first line of defense against the toxins.  In order to repair our gut, we need to provide  it with  immunoglobulins and nutrients to to allow it to build defense against the pathogens and toxins.



Our cells need continued supply of essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to keep functioning at its peak level.  We believe Food is Medicine.  We need to be strategic about what, why, and how to eat the right foods.


Our bodies need constant nourishment to maintain alkalinity.  At this phase, it's all about fine tuning what you've done during the DETOX by following our Alkaline Health Plan.  

Acidic Cells 

Sick and acidic cells become like sticky buns.  It causes inflammation, immune response, and wreak havoc in the overall BALANCE within our bodies.

Alkaline Cells

Alkaline Cells

Healthy and alkaline cells help your body efficiently and effectively metabolize and detoxify keeping all functions within our bodies running smoothly.

DETOX is nothing more than infusing our cells with ESSENTIAL nutrients to restore itself and get rid of toxins and pathogens.

What Our Patients Are Saying

What do our patients say about our Alkaline Detox Protocol?

I was struggling with depression, brain fog, severe fatigue, and weight gain.  The Doctors shrugged their shoulders and kept giving me a pill to try.  After the Detox, I not only lost 17 lbs but felt more energetic, brain fog lifted, and I'm happier than ever before.  I seriously can't believe how much better I am as a mom and a wife.  My family's  happy too.  

Karen D

This is 45 should feel like for everyone.  I was skeptical at first, but after the detox, I don't need to take blood pressure meds, anti-depressants, and my acid reflux is completely gone!  I feel stronger, lighter, and more energetic!  It's amazing what this Detox has done to my body, I now know what healthy eating is and the effects of it is really miraculous.  

Chris D​

Where do Toxins Come from?

  • check
    Chemical Pollutants 
  • check
    Heavy Metals
  • check
    Pesticides in our food
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Cigarette Smoking- Active or Passive
  • check
    Food additives and preservatives
  • check
    Byproduct of normal metabolism
  • check
    Unhealthy gut bacteria
  • check
    Chronic or Acute Infections

How toxins affect yo​ur health?

  • check
    Autoimmune Conditions
  • check
    Weight Gain
  • check
    Chronic Pain:  Headache,Muscle, Joint, overall pain
  • check
    Infertility or Sexual Dysfunction
  • check
    Chronic Fatigue
  • check
    Digestive Issues
  • check
    Leaky Gut- Gut permeability
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Chronic Disease:  Diabetes, PCOS, Insulin Resistance

4 Detox Myths​ Debunked

  • Myth # 1
  • Myth # 2
  • Myth # 3
  • Myth # 4

It's going to be so hard!

Part true, but most of our patients feel wonderful!  Full of energy, have focus and clarity, weight loss, and pain free.  They get used to looking and feeling good so much so that they don't ever want to slip back to the way they felt prior to the Detox.

Their habits are forever changed and become their own health experts.  

What you can Expect

What does the Alkaline Detox Protocol involve?  Watch this video to find out what you can expect.  

Participate Anywhere​

We serve patients from all over the world.  Our protocol is designed to be CLEAR, EASY, and SIMPLE to empower you to be in FULL control over your health and your life.

What's Included​

An Easy to Follow Plan

We understand that it's hard to change habits.  We help you with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE to be your own Health Expert.  

We've eliminated the "guess work" out of the plan so that during the "DETOX" phase of your plan, you'll know EXACTLY what to DO and EAT.

Detox Shakes and Supplements​

Safe Detox REQUIRES abundant vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.  We provide you with the highest quality, professional formulations that has strong research evidence of it's efficacy.  

Supplements will be delivered to your doorstep with a specific dose customized for you.  Here's the supplement formula we use ​ Click Here

Step by Step Online Guide

Step by step video instruction, support, motivation, inspiration and advice presented by Dr. Connie.

Downloadable worksheets, transcripts, cheat sheets, recipes, detox yoga, and more.

Everything you need to gain control over your health and life.  

Healthy Cooking Made Easy

Don't cook?  No worries!

We've eliminated the intimidation out of cooking to make it easy and enjoyable.  You'll be the health expert all your friends and family talk about because you make it look so easy.  

Detox Yoga- Pilates

To enhance the effects of Detox, strategic Yoga and Pilates are added to guide you to stay strong, flexible, and lean through this process.  

  • Module 01
  • module 02
  • module 03
  • Module 04

Module 04:  Alkaline Detox Movement:  

  • Eating is Key in Alkalizing your body, but movement is also an essential pillar.
  • To keep you moving and metabolizing your toxins, we will provide you with safe, easy, and therapeutic Yoga sequences created and taught by Dr. Connie to enhance the effects of your Detox.
  • angle-double-right
    You'll build lean muscle, burn fat, and improve your posture to move effortlessly and pain free.  

To make sure you become the expert in your own health, you'll have lifetime access to Alkaline Detox Protocol.

Plus these 



(VALUED AT $495)

Research proves that people do better in making healthy changes with accountability and support.  

Your daily dip into your Facebook community will help you to get infused with inspiration, motivation, and share challenges to overcome them together. 

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    Tap into YOUR community for insights, inspiration, and new ideas on living the Alkaline Life.
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    Ask questions and overcome challenges that stand in your way.
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    This is a private group of Alkaline Detox Members who are serious about making changes in their health.  This is a community where you support each other, connect, ask questions, and get feedback and offer up your own their own ideas and encouragement in a trusted group setting.  Our Alkaline Health team will actively offer up support as well.


Bonus # 2

Alkaline Healthie App
(Valued at $240)

Our signature Alkaline Healthie App to use as a tracking lifestyle personal coaching app for 6 months!

Keep track of your symptoms, your health progress, food diary, journaling, and much more!


  • You finally have enough energy to spend with quality time with your friends and family?
  • Look and feel so good that you feel like you can actually think about making plans for the future?
  • Regain a sense of "control" over your weight and health so much so that you don't have to rely on a pill?
  • Lose all the weight that was making you feel run down and frustrated?
  • Can think CLEARLY with FOCUS that you can pursue your career or go back to school?
  • You are so confident that you begin to attract you ideal partner?
  • People look to you for health advice?
  • Know exactly what, why, and when to eat to continue feel your best?
  • Finally feel fit enough to wear that bikini you've only been wishing you can wear?

This is the opportunity I'm putting in front of you today

My tried and tested plan that's gotten me out of my health crisis.

Step by step process that you can follow to take back control over your weight, health, and life.


I've been struggling with weight, diabetes, and high blood pressure.   Alkaline Detox has eliminated my need for medications, I lost 21 lbs and counting, and I no longer have diabetes.  I met the man of my dreams and can look forward to building a healthy family.  Thank you!

Anna O



I was resistant at first but I knew something wasn't right.  I gained over 50 lbs and the weight wasn't coming off no matter what I did.  I finally went to the doctors and found I had PCOS.  Doctors wanted to put me on meds and hormones.  I chose the Alkaline Detox and I steadily lost weight, improved my posture and fitness, and can look forward to a healthy life.   

Kaity C


I've been struggling with Lupus and fibromyalgia.  Because of the corticosteroids, I gained over 70 lbs, taking a growing list of meds, and was living in pain everyday.  I decided to try the ADP, and within 2 weeks, I lost 15 lbs and pain subsided.  It's now been 3 months post Alkaline Detox and I continue to lose weight but more importantly, I now know what I need to do to keep my health under MY control.

Julie M

ADP is Budget Friendly



Product Name


Product Name


Product Name


Product Name


Alkaline Detox Protocol 

80 Days

Perfect for those with disease conditions who want an alternative SOLUTION for issues such as:

Autoimmune, Diabetes, Cancer, Digestive, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fertility, and much more.

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    E-mail support with our Alkaline Method ™ Health Practitioner
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    Complete Detox Guide
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    Jump Start Guide
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    Full Lifetime Access to Online Member Portal
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    Detox Supplements - Focused on Reversing Lupus
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    Recipe Guide
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    Eating Healthy on a Budget Guide
  • check
    Meal Plan
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    Eating Out Guide
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    Daily Emails to keep you focused on your goals
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    Alkaline Healthie App
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    Private Facebook Group
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    7 Day Posture Makeover


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