New Student Intro Special

This new student offer lets you try unlimited yoga for 1 month for $59!


Do you have special pricing for new students?

Yes! We have $59 for unlimited Yoga for a month. During this introductory period, you can visit as many classes as you want. In order to be eligible for this offer, you must be brand new to the center.

At the end of your one month period, you’ll have a chance to buy a full class package for 20% off the regular price or get 20% off the first month at the regular price.

How do I get started?

Choose any class and arrive 15 minutes before the class. Before you arrive, we strongly recommend that you sign up for class and pay online to ensure your spot in the class. Some of our classes tend to fill up  and we don’t want you to get disappointed if there’s no room in the class.

If this is your first visit, it’s important to arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork , meet your teacher and get acquainted with our center. If you don’t have your own mat, you can borrow a mat for $3.

Should I sign up online for class?

We want to do our best to make the process easy and simple. Signing up online helps us to run our center with efficiency. It also allows you to reserve your spot to ensure there’s availability in the class. Sign up for our classes HERE

For more information about our pricing, please click here.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Please be advised that if you sign up to class but don’t cancel at least 2 hours prior to class, you’ll be charged a $10 cancellation fee (if the class is full).  

You must arrive by the start of the class or you will be considered a no show.  If you no showed for the class 3 times, you’ll be charged a $10 cancellation fee period.  

If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us at   

Our main goal is to respect your time and spot for the classes as well as for our teachers.  We appreciate your cooperation.

I’ve never done yoga. Can I still participate?

Absolutely!  Everyone has their first Yoga class and Alkaline Yoga Teachers are specially trained to modify and tailor the practice to keep you safe and comfortable.

While our classes are designed for all levels, it’s highly recommended that you start with our “beginner” classes.  Make sure to listen to your teachers and modify the poses according to our teacher’s recommendations.

If you’re new to Yoga, please let the teacher know and if you have any injuries or medical conditions, please inform your teacher so that she can make sure to keep your practice safe.  Our Alkaline Yoga Teachers are professionals and are more than happy to help.

What should I wear and bring to class?

If attending our Hot Alkaline Sequence, we recommend yoga shorts and a tank top.  Wearing long pants and t shirts will get in the way of your practice.

For the rest of our Yoga classes in non  heated classes, any sports wear that’s comfortable should be adequate.  

Bring your Yoga Mat, we love Manduka mats and have them for sale at our studio.  We also recommend you bring your hot mat towel for Hot yoga and hand towels to wipe your sweat.

Lastly, bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during the class.

Is it Bikram Hot Yoga?

No, our Alkaline Sequence is not Bikram Yoga.  While we do keep the temperature at 95-105 degrees, because our heating is radiant heating, it’s healing for the body and doesn’t feel as hot.  

Our Hot Alkaline Sequence consists of carefully curated 40 postures to keep your body balanced.  Inspired from Bikram, Ashtanga, and Pilates, our sequence allows for flexibility, strength, balance, focus, and detoxification to help you feel your best.

We also have a commercial grade humidifier in the room to keep the air moist.

How should I prepare for hot yoga?

It’s best not to eat 2-3 hours before the hot class.  Yoga practice is best when practicing on an empty stomach.  

If you are low on energy, we recommend a protein shake, a healthy protein bar, nuts, or electrolytes.

We don’t advocate gatorades or any commercial drinks.  We recommend plain coconut water, emergen C, or we sell professional grade electrolytes at our studio.  

Can I bring my kids?

Students must be at least 13 years of age to attend classes and if under 15, they must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.  

We also offer kid’s yoga classes as well as special events for the whole family, please follow our facebook page, @alkalinemethod for future events and discounts.

Have more questions?

We’d love to hear from you.  Call us at 678-335-5566 or email us

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