Before we all go into hibernation for the wintertime, take the time to enjoy the cooling down weather after a blistering summer. With the weekend coming up and 70 degree temperatures in the forecast, there are plenty of activities that you can do outside that will keep you smiling AND moving!

Hit the trails for a scenic walk or trail run! Chances are, there are plenty of hiking trails right by you in national, state, or local parks. Consider taking a picnic lunch or snack with you in a backpack. You can stop at a pretty view and enjoy a tasty meal. Granola, fruit, and sandwiches always transport well. If you are a beginner or are hiking with beginners, make sure to stick to the light and moderate trails or pathways. If you are up for more of a challenge, try a harder terrain. Find trails near you with this link.

Attend a bonfire to warm up the chilly nights. If none of your friends or family are holding a bonfire, be a trend setter and have your own! Bonfires are a great time to kick back and relax. You can start the fire early, just before dinner time and cook over the fire. Throw some campfire bundles together packed with lean meat, vegetables, and whatever seasonings you want. If you start the fire later in the evening, enjoy fall drinks around the fire instead! Here is our favorite campfire bundle recipe.

Go to your local Farmer’s Market and enjoy the fall vegetables from local farmers. Sellers always bring yummy recipes and samples to give out to customers. If you are planning on getting a pumpkin for carving (or eating), this would be the perfect time! Plus, your money will be put back into the local economy and your pumpkin will last longer because it did not travel very far to get to you. Find your nearest farmers market here.

Invite some friends or take your family to a corn maze. They can be fall themed or haunted for Halloween. Make sure to find a maze that is suitable for your audience. Mazes often times have hay rides for kids that are too young to go into the maze as well. Be on the lookout for billboard ads, flyers, or commercials pointing you in the direction of the closest corn maze to you. You can also use this link to find a registered corn maze.

Whatever the activity, try to get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!

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