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Alkaline Physical Therapy Pricing

There are three important phases of Rehabilitation.  In order to keep you safe, it’s important to be strategically working with your Physical Therapist to set CLEAR goals to reach your full performance potential.

  • Acute
  • Subacute
  • chronic

At this stage of healing, your body is fragile and you must take necessary caution to prevent further inflammation and injury.  This is when you should be under a care of a trained Physical Therapist.  

This stage is typically between 1-14 days where your body begins a chemical and vascular signaling to increase blood flow to the area of injury.  You can expect swelling, redness, pain, and heat.

Main goal at this phase is to reduce inflammation and pain.

At this phase, inflammation begins to settle down and tissue begins to repair by laying down new collagen.  New collagen is weaker and less flexible.  There’s less pain in this stage but also there’s an increased risk for injury at this phase.  

You should be working strategically with a trained Physical Therapist to promote realignment, neuromuscular re-education to avoid poor muscle memory and compensation as well as to correct movement patterns.

At this stage, you can expect improved quality, organization, and strength in your tissue.  It’s important to add the optimal amount of stress to the tissue in this stage.  

While you can carefully venture out into your own exercise regimen without an active supervision of the Physical Therapist, it’s important to be strategic to avoid unnecessary injury.  

Main goal at this phase is to improve strength, especially eccentric exercises to increase muscle tissue, increase resistive loads, and return to your optimal functional performance level.



  • checkInitial Evaluation ($159)
  • checkPostural Assessment ($49)
  • checkManual one on one Therapy 1 X week 15-30 minutes:  ($300)
  • check2 X week Therapeutic Ex 30 minutes ($600)

Total Value $1408





  • checkContinue with Therapeutic Exercises with Alkaline Movement Specialists supervised by a Physical Therapist in a small group (5 max) – 50 minutes
  • checkManual Therapy as needed
  • checkTailored to your specific needs and goals
  • checkPilates TherapyFocus
  • checkYoga Therapy Focus
  • checkTrapeze Therapy Focus
  • checkNeurac Therapy Focus

Our Alkaline Movement Therapist will tailor the treatment based on your needs.

$239/mo 2 X week

($800 value)


Post Rehab


Now you can graduate to our Alkaline Yoga Therapy Program with our skilled Alkaline Yoga Therapy Practitioners Certified in our signature Alkaline Method.


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