Pilates Rehabilitation

Complete Pilates Studio

Dr. Connie is double certified in comprehensive Pilates certification. She decided to complete the training in 2005, with the onset of a severe Lupus flare and after recently becoming a new mother. She was amazed at the effect the practice of Pilates had on her body just months postpartum. She found that it was a healing exercise that she can progress with as she became stronger. In 2010, she decided to pursue a Masters Certification with the president of the Pilates Method Alliance at the time, Trent McEntire. Dr. Connie developed a new found respect for the practice of Pilates and has incorporated the method effectively into her patient care.

With over 16 years of clinical experience, she is now able to create her own Pilates Method by applying her skills in Neurac, Yoga, and Pilates. This allows her to create the most successful program that enables her patients and clients to thrive.