Last week we discussed the physiology of pregnancy.

By now you understand what a miraculous body you have and how amazing you are.

The nine months of carrying your baby can be magical, but it’s also important to prime your body before, during, and after pregnancy so that you and your baby can be as healthy as possible.

When we as moms don’t feel good, our whole family suffers especially our baby.

Importance of Movement During Pregnancy

When we carry the baby, we stretch our abdominal cavity so much that many of us have a separation of the abdominal muscles, or the rectus abdominus.  This condition is called the diastasis recti.

The separation in the muscle creates a weak link in our core so much so that we start to have a pooch near the navel.  This can create tension to the low back and set the spine to degenerate faster than it needs to.

Yoga is perfect to condition the core, especially Alkaline Yoga.  Why?

It’s because we focus on the CORE as the foundation for all movements.  Couple Yoga with core work and you’ve got a sure way to slow down the aging process.

Yogic movements are also very safe, stabilizing, and promote posture and alignment which are so important.  

Movement is fundamental to metabolism and detoxification, two very important physiological functions.

Core isn’t just the six pack muscles. It’s the diaphragm, pelvic floor, transverses abdominus, and multifidus.  

I’d say the core is the most important muscle group to train before, during, and after pregnancy.

Importance of Thoughts During Pregnancy

Women are prone to hormonal shifts. These shifts can lead to emotional disturbances in a way that can create unhealthy relationships with self and others.  

Emotions can be felt deeper during pregnancy and many years after.  When we have negative emotions, we can affect our baby because such feelings create vibrations in the body that are good/positive or bad/negative.  

These vibrations have corresponding effects on the developing fetus in a profound way.

It’s important to remember that our feelings are the result of our thoughts.  So it’s important to monitor the thoughts that we have regularly as they can create negative feelings which then can affect the baby.

We want to have positive thoughts to have a positive impact on the baby.

So next time you find yourself having negative feelings, bring awareness to this and observe what thoughts created such feelings.  Learn to feel the feelings and without judgement, just be aware.

Then you can see a pattern over time.  Key is to avoid suppressing those feelings or thoughts, as your mind will push back and it’s a battle you can’t win against your mind.

Once you’ve become aware of the pattern, then you can learn that you are choosing to have those thoughts that create those negative feelings. 

Then you can simply decide to alter your thoughts in a way that creates positive feelings.

This may sound so simple, but most of us live our lives oblivious to such sabotaging patterns that can be self destructive.

This is an important time, so rather than defaulting to your habitual negative thinking cycle, you can now choose to shift your thoughts into a positive thinking cycle.

It’s that easy.  Your baby will be so much better for it.

Yoga for Mom and Baby

Practicing Yoga helps you to tune inward so you begin to listen to your own body.

Being a woman is a wonderful gift.  Being a mom is the most miraculous experience to all women and it’s so important to honor yourself and celebrate life.  

I hope you enjoyed this blog and this entire series on pregnancy. If you have questions, comments, or anything you’d like to share, please submit below.  

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