Your Posture Holds The Key To Your Health and Life

Perfect Your Posture

Poor Posture Is a Habit 

We are live so much in our heads that we forget to "connect" with our body.  

Improve Metabolism

Having a better posture improves your body's overall system.  It enhances our liver, lung, and kidney's ability to function at its optimal capacity improving our metabolism.  

Improve Energy

Our posture has a significant role in our ability to metabolize and deliver nutrients to all our cells, especially our brain and muscles.  When our posture is improved, you'll notice vibrant energy!


Decrease Pain

Poor posture creates poor muscle memory and as a result causes unnecessary wearing and tearing of our joints.  Improving posture awareness will create improved muscle memory that will serve you to preserve your joints and decrease pain.  

About Our Instructor Dr. Connie Jeon

Dr. Connie has sought out Yoga studios all over the world and found that too often, Yoga students and teachers alike overlooked the importance of proper alignment and building muscle memory to prevent injury and gain strength and stability.

With her extensive background in movement, she'll be leading the posture clinic at Alkaline Wellness Center.

She holds a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy, Masters Degree in Nutrition, is a E-RYT 200 hr, Master Certified Pilates Instructor, as well as extensive post graduate education in Neuromuscular System and Functional Medicine.  

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