Pregnancy is a miraculous process for women.  As such, it’s so important to honor yourself and the baby during this time because you can have a huge impact on your baby.

Pregnancy is a time when you’re intimate with your baby and share a lifeline through the umbilical cord.

The mother’s thoughts, disposition, and emotions create vibrations and is communicated through the baby so much so that they can alter the baby’s DNA and ultimately its personality.

The baby’s tendency to be anxious, fearful, daring, courageous, shy, introverted, etc. are all related to genetics. But these traits can also be related to the mother’s disposition during pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a way of life.  Yoga means to “yoke” or to unite our spirit with God.  

Yogis believe there are three bodies in the human body.

First is the physical body.

This is the tangible body: what we can see, define, and name.  This is the realm that most Physicians and health care practitioners operate from.

Next is the subtle body. This is the body that involves our intangible mind and emotions. 

It encompasses the chakra “energy” in the body as the mind creates thoughts and thoughts create emotions. Emotions then create vibrations in the body to produce good energy or bad energy.

Last is the causal body.

This is the spirit body which transcends our body, mind, and emotions.  This is the body beyond form.

Here in the West, we’ve lost the mind-body-spirit connection.  We tend to be more physically oriented and believe in seeing the effects of our being, as opposed to believing in the unseen.

But the truth is that so much more happens in the unseen.

This is where it would be so powerful for a woman to realize their own power and influence that they have over the growing child in their womb.

Pregnancy and health go far beyond the physical act of eating right and exercising.  

It extends to the mother’s thoughts and emotions that send vibrations to the baby as messages, which create a blueprint for the baby.

Hormonal Shifts During Pregnancy

There’s a lot happening in your body during pregnancy. Hormones are shifting and regulating to support the baby.

Estrogen levels increase during pregnancy and reach their peak in the third trimester.  

Also, progesterone levels are high during pregnancy which allows for the joints to loosen in preparation for the baby to grow and ultimately exit the mother’s womb.

Physiological changes can make the mom moody at times, but through prenatal Yoga, a mom can find balance back into her body to create connection with her own body and her baby.  

3 Ways to Nourish Your Baby and Yourself 

1. Prenatal Yoga and Meditation

When you’re practicing prenatal Yoga, you are consciously making a connection with your baby.  This is because you are moving with your breath and tuning inward.  

Physically, you’ll be stronger, fitter, and more flexible.  Emotionally, you’ll feel more calm and joyful. Spiritually, you’ll feel elevated.  

Practice at least 3x/week with a trained prenatal Yoga teacher who can lead you in your practice.

2. Breathing

Lung capacity will decline as the baby grows.  This is because as the baby gets bigger, it’ll start to press up against the lungs, making it harder to breathe. 

Learning to breathe silently will help you to oxygenate your cells, especially your brain cells as well as the baby’s to ensure effusion of oxygen into its cells.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

A diet rich in nutrients is key. 

We often hear pregnant women eating for two.  This doesn’t mean you can have all the junk foods you shouldn’t have.  500 more calories a day is plenty to nourish your baby.

If you were overweight to begin with, it’s a good idea to watch your weight as you can get diabetes and cause risks to your baby.  

I hope this was helpful. Please share this blog with anyone you know who is currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

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