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So now you know what you body type is, what do you do now?

Have you ever wondered why some people live on pizza, beer, and chips and do not gain a pound? When you even think about pizza, your weight seems to go out of control?
Or someone smokes and drinks all their lives and live to 90’s without a single visit to the doctor when someone else can be fanatic about healthy eating and exercise and end up
with chemotherapy?

This is because of the way they are genetically wired. You see everyone is different in the way we process information, food, and muscle function which collaboratively affect our metabolism.

So what are the metabolic body types that I’m talking about?
  • So Yang

  • Tae Yin

  • So Yin

  • Tae Yang

The metabolic types have its foundation in “Sasang” Constitutional Medicine, which values the relationship between the mind and the body.

The balance between Yin and Yang and the differences of “Qi,” or life energy in internal organs depending on one of the S-Yang (hour glass type), S-Yin (Spoon Type ), T-Yang (Cone Type)
and T-Yin (Rectangle type) constitutions not only affects our physiological and metabolic status, but also results in differences in emotional characteristics, personalities and attitudes.

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