Select the body shape which most closely describes you…
A. Thick wrists ankles and fingersB. Thin wrists ankles and fingersC. Broad shouldersD. Head and neck unusually large in comparison with the rest of the body
Your facial appearance
A. You have thick lips and large rounded eyes nose mouth and earsB. You have a narrow face possibly egg-shaped and small/elaborate facial featuresC. Your cheekbones are the largest feature of your faceD.Your forehead and ears are the largest features of your face
Skin features that most closely resemble yours
A. You have thick skin with a tendency towards excess body fat.B. You have thin dull skin.
General body features that most closely resemble you
A. & B. You have more strength in your lower body than upper bodyC. & D. You have more strength in your upper body than lower body
Your walk pattern
A. You walk slowly and heavily with your feet pointed outwardsB. You have a natural and gentle walk.C. You walk quickly as you twist left and right (swinging shoulders and/or hips).D. You have a clumsy awkward but quick walk. You tend to trip easy
Body Temperature
A. Your hands and feel get cold easily.B. You have a tendency to feel cold all over and at the core.C. You have a tendency to feel warmer and like to sleep with your feet outside of the covers.D. You overheat quickly and easily and sleep with the covers off.
Your Seasonal Preferences
A. I like all seasonsB. I like the warmer seasonsC.& D. I prefer the cooler months
Bowel Movement Patterns
A. I tend towards constipation BUT I CAN be constipated for several days without having any other issues arise.B. Tendency towards diarrhea (watery stools) ESPECIALLY when cold (or eating cold things).C. I CANNOT be constipated for several days without feeling very uncomfortable.D. Bowel movement is hardly ever an issue for me.
My Digestion is best described by the following
A. Generally good digestion (not a picky eater). But I gain weight easily.B. Very picky digestive system. (diet is restricted).C. Generally good digestion (not a picky eater). I DO NOT gain weight easily.D. Good digestion (no discomfort) but has a tendency to vomit after eating.
Sweating habits
A. You sweat when recovering from illness or when feeling good.B. You sweat when tired catching a cold or when you are exhausted.C. You sweat only when anxious.
Sweat patterns
A. You tend to sweat more in your lower body (Especially Lower Back).B. You tend to sweat more in your lower body. (Especially Buttocks or Groin)C. You tend to sweat more in your upper body. (Especially Chest Area)D. You tend to sweat more in your upper body. (Especially Forehead Area)
You have more energy
A. and B. In the eveningC. and D. In the morning
Your appetite
A. You have a great appetite and enjoy food.B. You are very picky about food and generally have reduced appetite.C. You have a great appetite but eat too quick to enjoy foodD. You are too busy to eat and do not notice when you are hungry
Food Preferences
A. You can eat just about anythingB. You prefer chicken over shellfishC. You prefer shellfish over chicken
Food properties
A. You can easily eat both cold and hot temperature foodsB. You can only eat warm foods in general (but occasionally chilled foods when the weather is warmer)C. and D. You prefer cold property foods (ice water vegetables raw foods pork)
Eating Habits
A. You feel like snacking when stressedB. Cannot eat and prone to indigestion when stressedC & D. Stress has no significant effect on appetite.
When Gaining Weight
A. store fat in your abdomenB. You tend to store fat in your buttocks OR you wish you could gain some more weight!C. You tend to store fat in your thighsD. Gaining or losing weight is not an issue
Your Personality (A)…
A. You are conservative and don't like change.B. You are somewhat shy and self conscious.C. You are active progressive and good at multitasking.D. You have a strong quick tempered decisive personality.
Your Personality (B)…
A. You are a home-body and prefer to stay home. You avoid movement unless it is entirely necessary.B. You are lyrical artistic and do a lot of thinking. You are very emotional and sometimes you over think and worry.C. You are friendly and like to volunteer/help others. You are very direct and express our feelings outright. You sometimes offend others with your forwardness.D. You are charismatic and have a stand alone spirit. You must be in charge and feel the need to lead others.
Your Personality (C)…
A. You tend to be slow and lazy.B. You tend to be slow but not lazy.C. You tend to be hasty.D. Your life is all about work work work.
Your Personality (D)…
A. Once started you throw yourself into everything and appear to others to be very faithful.B. You are constantly thinking. You have a soft personality. You appear to be calm and self possessed.C. You are quick at judging things.D. You always acquaint yourself with others whether you are close to them or not. You feel this is your duty.
Your Personality (E)…
A. You are very versatile and compliant.B. You only choose the work that is suitable and comfortable for you.C. You have a lot of new ideas and are very creative but you easily give up.D. Everything that you set out to do must come to fruition no matter what!
Your Personality (F)…
A. You are usually patient.B. You tend to over focus on details and become obsessive.C. You are good at multi tasking but have trouble focusing on one thing.D. You get very angry if things don't go your way.
Your Personality (G)…
A. You have a dignified manner speak very few words and sometimes fumble for words.B. You don't talk much in general but talk a lot to those who are closest to youC. You talk a lot and often cut off others. You are not good at keeping secretsD. You voice is strong and determined. Sometimes others think you are bossy
Your Personality (H)…

A. You prefer leisure and are somewhat lazy and cowardice but if necessary you fight to the finishB. You are jealous and envious of others. It takes a long time for you to overcome negative feelingsC. You are passionate original and sentimental. You have a tendency to act before you think things through clearly. You ignore trifle thingsD. You don't pay attention to details and always forge full force ahead.

Your Personality (I)…
A. You tend not to express anger at others and hold emotions inB. You tend to be very sensitive to what others say and complain a lotC. You tend to get angry easily but regret it soon afterwardsD. You tend to get sad easily but have bursts of anger.
BONUS QUESTION! When you go to a restaurant
A. The taste of the food is what you care about the mostB. The atmosphere is what you care about the mostC. The social aspect of eating out is most importantD. Being treated well by the staff is most important.
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