The Alkaline Wellness employees recently traveled to Dahlonega to attend a career fair for North Georgia University’s physical therapy program. We were the only small business in attendance as well as the only physical therapy company that focused on total wellness. While we were outnumbered by the traditional physical therapy offices, it was refreshing to meet so many students that were interested in the wellness medical model versus the sick care model that currently exists.

Not only were there many students that were interested in wellness through movement and nutrition, but also faculty. Many teachers and program directors stopped by to see what services Alkaline Wellness offered. As students and staff alike learned about our integrative approach to healing, they got excited! It reassured us that we are part of a larger movement of individuals that want to change the way medical help is provided. Prevention and full body healing are the ways of the future, and change is happening.

With new students and fresh minds comes new ideas to keep our practice current and innovative. Without the ability to change personally and professionally, our (or any) small business would not last. The energy and knowledge that newly graduated students have is sometimes underrated. They are up to date on current research, technology, and teaching in their respective fields. They radiate energy as they apply what they learned in school. As a progressive company, we look forward to working with the bright minds that are coming into the physical therapy and wellness field today.

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