LupusI just went to my nephrologist and got the results of all my labs that include lupus panel, protein in my urine, the basic chemistry, lipids, etc.  The nurse felt so bad because she took so much blood.  It’s the first lab since my detox already 2 months ago and I’m happy to announce that I am officially in remission with the lupus as far as the kidneys are concerned.  As I made a public disclosure regarding stopping the meds through the half of my detox, that is 14 days and then resumed at 1/2 the dosages due to a scare with the low grade fever during the detox and still the results are fantastic, I am ready to do another round of detox.  I have to admit though, unlike our staff who’s gone through the program multiple times, I had a tough time with it due to my love for wine and coffee.  These two vices are hard to give up for me especially as a entrepreneur, mom, and wife trying to balance life.  I’ll start my round two of detox after thanksgiving  and compare labs again.  I want to be in full remission with lupus and I hope to achieve this with all the lifestyle changes that I can make, although for the most part its good other than some stress perhaps?

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